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David Moyes aims ungrateful dig at West Ham fans over lack of atmosphere despite selling out amid bad weather and rail strikes

David Moyes has aimed an ungrateful dig at West Ham fans over a lack of atmosphere despite selling out amid bad weather and rail strikes.

There can only be one person to blame after another lifeless, turgid West Ham performance that lacks ideas, a cohesive play style, or a backup plan.

Actually, 60,000 people, according to Hammers manager David Moyes, after a 1-1 draw with a severely depleted and unmotivated Crystal Palace.

Yes, the Scot ventured there, taking a deep breath before berating fans in an interview that was uploaded to the team’s X feed in the wake of the disappointing performance.

The weather on Sunday afternoon was even more gloomy than some of the recent football matches played at the London Stadium.

Moyes aims ungrateful dig at fans

Even though West Ham sold out despite inclement weather and rail strikes, Moyes has made an ungrateful jab at the team’s supporters for the lack of atmosphere.

Many West Ham fans could have been forgiven for missing the Palace game because there are no trains, few affordable parking options, and a local road system that was not designed to accommodate spectators attending Premier League football games.

in particular since it was on TV.

In spite of this, the Hammers sold out London Stadium once again in spite of additional rail strikes.

Not that it matters to Moyes.

‘We’re not quite getting it’

In fact, he claimed that West Ham supporters aren’t creating a buzz for Sunday games—quite the contrary.

“A little bit mixed, I’m disappointed we didn’t maybe take all three points, but at two o’clock on Sunday at the stadium, we’re just not quite getting it (the atmosphere),” Moyes remarked.

“You know, we’re probably having a lot of trouble creating a sufficiently positive atmosphere.

“Perhaps the issue is with us not performing well enough, or perhaps it’s specific to the stadium.”

Cheap shot after display as dreary as the weather

Fans of West Ham, the majority of whom will just be heading home half-drenched after witnessing another dull performance, are sure to take this like a lead balloon.

There is much for West Ham supporters to be thankful for in Moyes. Without a doubt.

However, football is a game for entertainment. Furthermore, under the Scot, West Ham is currently not providing value for money in that area.

It is a cheap shot to criticize the large number of fans who attended the game again, many of whom have followed the team for three seasons on land and sea.

especially with Christmas approaching, the aforementioned rail strikes, bad weather, and a crisis in the cost of living.

If Moyes is to have an extension granted to his contract, he needs supporters to support him. However, saying things like this will only make his critics more hostile toward him.

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