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Packers star takes punch to the face from Vikings cornerback in postgame spat after Green Bay’s blowout win

Packers running back Aaron Jones took a punch to the face in a scuffle taking place after Green Bay’s victory over the Minnesota Vikings on New Year’s Eve.

Following Green Bay’s 33-10 victory on the road in a game that was vital for both teams, the 29-year-old, one-time Pro Bowler found himself in the wrong place at the wrong time when he got into an altercation with an inactive Packers player and Vikings cornerback Andrew Booth Jr.

The Packers player is seen pushing Booth in the video at first, and Booth throws his arms up in response.

At that moment, he appeared to have accidentally struck Jones in the face with his outstretched right hand.

Following a shove by Jones that snatched Booth’s facemask, Packers wideout Malik Health struck Booth’s shoulder pads with a swing. Tucker Kraft, a tight end and teammate, was helpful to Jones as they both put some space between both camp.

Jones stated in his postgame interview with NBC’s Melissa Stark, “We were walking out to shake hands and I see one of our players having an interaction with a Vikings player, who just finished playing, and they get in each other’s face and going at it, and start shoving. So I just kind of tried to deescalate, move them to the sideline, and we were good after that.”

Jones was commended by NBC’s Cris Collinsworth for maintaining composure.

Collinsworth praised Aaron Jones for not acting recklessly and risking a suspension or other consequences, saying, “Hey, we got something going here, let’s not blow it post-game.”

Jones was instrumental in the Packers’ second win in as many games, rushing for 120 yards on 20 attempts against Green Bay’s NFC North Rival.

Minnesota attempted to rally its players by having injured starting QB Kirk Cousins blow into a massive Gjallarhorn (a ‘loud sounding horn’ in Norse mythology) before kickoff on Sunday.

However, that proved to be in vain as Green Bay took a dominating 23-3 lead at halftime and easily won, while the Vikings took a chance by giving rookie quarterback Jaren Hall his first start.

The Packers, who now hold the seventh seed in the NFC, are in charge of their own fate going into their matchup with the revitalized Chicago Bears in Week 18. If they triumph, Matt LeFleur and his team will qualify for the playoffs; if they lose, they won’t be able to go to the postseason at all.

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