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Tucker Kraft and Adam Stenavich Address 1 Lesson the Rookie Tight End Had to Learn “the Hard Way”

With a record of 7-8, the Green Bay Packers are a strong contender for the NFL Playoffs. The Packers have put themselves in a position to have a 95% chance of making the postseason if they win their last two games, which is a big deal considering that many members of the national media and even some fans thought they would finish well below.500.

Few people thought the Packers would, or even could, be in this situation before the season began. As the season has progressed, there have been highs and lows, but Jordan Love and his young pass catchers have significantly improved and developed.

One of the most important contributing factors to the Packers’ success on offense this season has been their ability to overcome a plethora of injuries to key players. While these injuries may have played a factor in the outcome of games early in the season, the most recent games have seen young skill players step up when their number was called.

Green Bay Packers, Tucker Kraft
One of the most important of these players has been Tucker Kraft, whom the Packers drafted in the third round of the 2023 NFL Draft. With fellow rookie tight end Luke Musgrave on injured reserve, Kraft has ensured that the passing game is not lacking a dynamic pass-catching tight end. As the weeks have progressed, he has made strides in his receiving abilities, but has had to learn one lesson the hard way.

Green Bay Packers Tight End Tucker Kraft and Offensive Coordinator Adam Stenavich Talk About Jumping Over Defenders

Green Bay Packers tight end Tucker Kraft
Since Musgrave’s injury, Kraft has appeared in five games and has 17 receptions for 233 yards and two touchdowns. His blocking and route running have improved, and fans now admire him for his propensity to try to jump over opposing defenders.The issue is that Kraft has had a few minor injuries as a result of his leaps over defenders. Most famously, he was forced to leave the game during the Packers’ defeat to the Tampa Bay Bucs because he was trying to jump over a defender when he took a helmet to the crotch area. In the Packers’ victory over the Carolina Panthers, a leap attempt went awry.

As fun as it is to see a player as big as Kraft jump over defenders, the fact of the matter is that it may not be worth the risk of injury. This was something that both Kraft and offensive coordinator Adam Stenavich talked with reporters about this week.

From the sound of it, the days of Kraft leaping over defenders may be over. He is certainly big enough to run over defenders and does not need the flair that comes with the hurdles.

Green Bay Packers, Tucker Kraft
Still, there is no denying the impact that Kraft has had on the offense over the past five weeks. Regardless of the outcome of the next two games, the Packers’ future at the tight end position is certainly bright.

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