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‘Good news’: Breakout Broncos star extend contract after seven-club race

According to reports, young player Ezra Mam will reject up to six rival poaching offers in order to re-sign with the Brisbane Broncos.

Since November 1, the grand final five-eighth, who is only 20 years old and had an amazing breakout 2023 campaign, has been among the most sought-after players on the market.

It has been reported that up to six rival teams, including the Dolphins, the Broncos’ closest neighbor, have their eye on Mam in a market with few half and five-eighths.

And well should they.

He rose to become one of the league’s top five-eighths in 2023. The 23-year-old, who was regarded as a potential Queensland State of Origin player, participated in 25 games, ran for 98 metres per game, scored 18 tries, added 9 try assists, and lit up the grand final with a hat-trick in the second half against the Penrith Panthers, putting the Broncos in the lead to win the premiership right up until the very end.

Mam is expected to re-sign with the Broncos on a four-year, three-million dollar contract, according to News Corp., so it looks the Broncos will be seeing more of him in the future.

It’s believed Mam’s wage will rise with the salary cap to eventually hit the $1 million per season mark throughout his deal.

Under the terms of the deal, Mam would stay at Red Hill until at least the end of the 2028 season. This would free up space on the free agency market for players like Thomas Dearden of the North Queensland Cowboys, who is expected to make a decision soon, and Jarome Luai, who is rumored to be nearing a decision of his own.

Although the contract hasn’t been signed yet, it’s understood that opposing teams aren’t interested in competing with the Broncos, who are optimistic that they will have Mam signed, sealed, and delivered on a contract extension by Christmas.

It’s a huge boost for the Broncos, who enter 2024 having lost three of their 2023 grand final roster, including Thomas Flegler and Herbie Farnworth, who will play for the Dolphins, and Kurt Capewell of the New Zealand Warriors.

Mam’s contract was reportedly approved in part because of Capewell’s exit, which freed up $550,000 in salary cap space. Additionally, it will enable the Broncos to finalize an early contract with both Adam Reynolds, who is probably going to accept a pay reduction in order to play one more season with the Broncos in 2025, and Reece Walsh before he can hit the open market on November 1 of the following year.

Jordan Riki and Brendan Piakura, the Broncos’ gun second-row tandem, have also recently been upgraded and extended.

Mam has previously stated that he would prefer to stay in Brisbane, but as time has gone on since November 1, those statements have grown increasingly dubious.

However, his plea to stay is in line with those remarks, as he will join players like Payne Haas and Patrick Carrigan in dedicating themselves to the Broncos’ successful campaign.

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