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Goodnews: McReight makes promises over World Cup

Fraser McReight is determined that he is the type of person who will make the most of the Wallabies’ World Cup setback rather than allow it to destroy them.

The former captain Michael Hooper, who was controversially left out of the squad by now-departed coach Eddie Jones, lost out to the Queensland No. 7.

Having started in three of the four games, McReight came off the bench in the terrible 40-6 loss to Wales, which virtually sealed Australia’s Cup elimination in the pool stages.

The 24-year-old took a brief vacation, but he returned four weeks ahead of schedule to the Reds’ new Ballymore base.

“The World Cup’s behind us now, with Eddie and all that chat – I wish him the best, but for us it’s done,” he stated on Wednesday.

“It’s a clean slate … (it’s) refreshing to come back to the Reds after there was this big hype to a point.”

McReight is pleased with his own performance in France and believes the World Cup will help him improve.

“It depends on the player you ask and what their mindset is and how they’re built,” he stated.

“I am very excited to return to the park and dominate with the Reds because I am aware of what they have done to me.

Yes, it was a difficult campaign, but it was also a good opportunity to develop and learn.

“You only know once you get put out there how it’ll go, and personally I was happy.”

Despite the negative connotations surrounding the code in Australia, Ballymore has seen green shoots thanks to new coach Les Kiss and a major sponsor, international insurance broker BMS Group.

Queensland director of BMS Group is Stephen Moore, a former captain of the Wallabies and Reds.

The agreement gives Queensland Rugby Union more momentum in its quest to maintain its financial independence from the governing body.

Kiss praised the collaboration and facilities at the renowned rugby stadium, but added that success at the Reds and the Wallabies would also depend on another factor.

“First thing you need is good people, strong governance and alignment in the right areas, servicing what the players and coaches need at every level of the game,” he stated.

Before starting a lengthy rugby coaching career abroad, including at Ulster and as an assistant with Ireland and South Africa, Kiss represented Queensland in rugby league.

“If you talk to people in the Irish system, the success they’ve had is from good people working together and getting a program that’s people-centric,” he stated.

“Putting the proper things in place should be the main focus; power and control cannot be involved.

“Get the common ground, work through the differences and do things that matter and get results we need.”

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