Official: EPL Decision on Controversial “Hooper” decision in the clash between Man City vs Tottenham

It won’t make Erling Haaland happy! The Premier League did not remove the controversial referee from the Man City versus Tottenham match despite his error during stoppage time.

Even though Simon Hooper decided at the last minute not to give Manchester City an advantage over Tottenham, the Premier League will not fire him.

  • Hooper blew whistle as Jack Grealish was played through
  • City drew 3-3 with Tottenham
  • City players reacted furiously


Despite Hooper’s choice to not play advantage for City, the Premier League has opted not to bench him. Grealish was sent through on goal by Haaland, who also blew the whistle for a foul on the Norway international as the winger raced through.The Football Association has since charged City for their players’ lack of discipline; Haaland was especially incensed at the end of play.


Hooper has been assigned to Liverpool’s Wednesday match against Sheffield United, according to Sky Sports. They assert that the Premier League will not demote him because they consider the error to be a human error. He was earlier in the season when he failed to give Wolves a penalty against Manchester United.


After posting an expletive response to the decision on X, where he wrote the letters “WTF,” City is eager to see if Haaland is also charged. He might be suspended and charged with bringing the game into disrepute.


City face Aston Villa in midweek but will already have to deal with the fact that both Grealish and Rodri are suspended.

Injury Update: Tottenham confirms player return

A Tottenham player was cruelly singled out for his performance against Man City, calling him “a boy playing in a man’s game.”

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