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“We all regret it” – West Ham star disappointed in teammate, has to suffer consequences

Tomáš Souček of the Czech Republic has expressed his dissatisfaction following the request that he, Vladimír Coufal of West Ham United, Jakub Brabec of Aris, and Jan Kuchta of Sparta Prague leave the national team camp immediately due to violations of internal regulations.

Speaking to the media on Sunday, the 28-year-old acknowledged he was unaware of the incident involving the trio, according to České Noviny.

The West Ham fullback, Brabec, and Kuchta visited an Olomouc nightclub on Saturday, and pictures and videos of the three of them inside began making the rounds on the internet.

The three were fired by the Czech Republic football association for breaking the regulations, one day before today’s European qualifying match versus Moldova. The midfielder for West Ham has stated that he wants to concentrate on the three players and the forthcoming match.

After this sad event, we want to focus entirely on the game. The entire crew wants to focus entirely, and we don’t want to revisit it. Many excellent players in attendance desire to focus solely on the game, the man remarked.

“I’ll be honest, I didn’t know about the action. I didn’t know it was going anywhere. I learned this in the morning when we all had to go into the room and deal with internal things. Then I learned it from the guys, who said they made a mistake and that they regretted it.”

Souček is the national team captain and this has made him even more disappointed in the 31-year-old right-back, Brabec and Kuchta.

“We all regret it, me as the captain a lot, because I stand by the principles. In the end, the biggest punishment is for them, they wanted to be here with us and achieve a common goal. It’s an unfortunate thing,” Souček explained.

“Even I, as the captain, had something to do with it, we all said it, with the players and with the implementation team. I would leave the answer between us.”

The West Ham player scored in the 1-1 draw between Poland and the Czech Republic. He might play in today’s match against Moldova because he was kicked in the face during the last match.

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