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“He’s not agreeing” | Moyes hits out at Mubuma and issues warning

West Ham boss David Moyes has confirmed that Divin Mubuma has rejected a contract offer, with the manager issuing a warning to the striker.

Having joined the club at the age of eight, Mubuma has earned his spot in the senior squad this season. It is believed that Moyes chose to keep the forward on staff rather than loan him out.

West Ham has been trying to get Mubuma a new contract because they believe he has a bright future there. However, the Academy graduate has turned down the most recent offer, raising concerns that he may be leaving, which would be a major setback.

However, Moyes has sent Mubuma a severe warning and pointed out that others who have followed suit may not have made the kind of progress they had hoped for.

According to Moyes, who was quoted in the Evening Standard, “Divin was offered a contract 12 months ago but he’s the one not agreeing to sign a contract.””Divin is a terrific boy from East End who supports West Ham; we adore him to pieces.” Divin would be best served, in my opinion, by signing a deal with West Ham.

“He faces competition, but he’s still quite young.” I’ll do it if I can give him additional chances. However, there aren’t many center forwards in the Premier League that are 18 years old like him.

Moyes sent his warning to Mubuma without holding back in the hopes that he would reconsider and that a mutually beneficial agreement might be achieved.

The manager continued, “A lot of them are growing impatient, but the bigger issue is that their agents want to take them away and get games elsewhere.” “So many people are choosing poorly. A few lads who left this place did not make the best choices possible.

They are in a fantastic setting here. We are a football team that is interested in signing young players. We don’t generally have large squads or make constant purchases.

“There’s a few who left here and made big mistakes. If they are not careful they can get bad information about what they are doing and how their career path should go.”

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