Postecoglou furious responds to media that suggest Tottenham season might be over amidst Injury crisis

Ange Postecoglou spoke to the media as Tottenham prepare to face Wolves in the Premier League.

Are Tottenham facing their real test of the season? Ange Postecoglou certainly doesn’t think so.
Postecoglou believes Tottenham have already passed plenty of tests this season – but he will not let the absence of nine first-team players at Wolves on Saturday offer up an excuse for a drop-off in performance.

Spurs suffered their first defeat of the Premier League campaign on Tuesday (AEDT) in a chaotic 4-1 home loss to Chelsea, which could have further consequences in the long term.

During the London Derby, Micky van de Ven (hamstring) and James Maddison (ankle) sustained major injuries that will keep them out until January. Cristian Romero and Destiny Udogie were both sent off.

However, considering Harry Kane’s departure on the eve of the new campaign, Postecoglou is no stranger to a task.

“With the exception of chocolate, I do a pretty good job resisting temptation.”

Funny answer from Ange Postecoglou to a query from the English media regarding whether he will switch up his approach for Tottenham’s next game against Wolves.

“You know, my first test? Saying goodbye to this competition’s greatest player just a day before the season begins? Nope, no problem, Postecoglou grinned broadly and gestured rudely.

“We lost players to injuries that nearly ended the season. No, it’s not a concern. There are tests every single day, mate.

“I’ve come to the conclusion that there are only two states a manager can be in throughout their career: under siege or it’s approaching. I know that nothing goes smoothly every day. Challenges are a constant in the world.

“I simply try to be careful not to alter who I am. What is is, what is.

“You know, my first test?” Ange bursts into giggles in response to a query from the English press

When asked if the current wave of injuries and suspensions for Tottenham Hotspur is the team’s first true test under his direction, manager Ange Postecoglou had a classic reaction.

“I attempt to concentrate on the essentials. We’re still developing our group and creating a winning atmosphere. It will remain the same week after week.

“Losing five players in one game is really severe, especially for someone with my experience, but that doesn’t mean it’s any worse than whatever we’ve faced thus far. Saying that everything has gone this bunch of players’ way is a little disrespectful, because it hasn’t.

The gang has shown true character and resiliency from the beginning, and they will need to demonstrate it once more.

“There are many reasons why we shouldn’t be where we are, as well as many justifications for the difficulties and disruptions we’ve already encountered.

It’s safe to say that we won’t use any excuse to perform poorly against the Wolves.

At Molineux and in the coming months, Postecoglou will be making two crucial choices that will attempt to bridge the gaps left by Maddison and Van de Ven.

Tottenham adopted a very high line as a result of Van van Ven’s injury on Monday, and although Guglielmo Vicario did well in the sweeper-keeper role, commentators questioned the strategy.

Postecoglou countered, saying, “You can trust me—I don’t attempt to lose games on purpose. I wholeheartedly support attempting to win a football match. I get that it’s a little out of the ordinary, but conventional thinking won’t get you from Australia to the Premier League.

“And believe me, I’ve had people doubt my insanity before. It’s what brought me this far, and the only reason I keep doing it is because I think it will help us win.

With Van van Ven sidelined until January and Romero suspended until the next month, Eric Dier made his season debut on Monday, coming off the bench.

“Eric has been a part of this football club for a very long time,” Postecoglou continued.

He’s another one who has put in a lot of training every day. He hasn’t had many chances, but that’s because we haven’t needed to insert him into the back four because we have a really solid lineup already.

“He’s consistently prepared to be called upon. Here he gets his chance. The other night, I thought he did a good job.

“I thought he handled it really well. His experience will be important for us, particularly with Micky’s absence and Romero being out for three games.”

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