“Wasn’t true,” the defender says of the manager’s eventual departure from Tottenham.

Tim Ream has maintained that the summertime rumors that connected Marco Silva to the Tottenham position were untrue.

Before Ange Postecoglou was finally appointed by Tottenham, a number of individuals were mentioned as possible Antonio Conte successors.

When the Australian was appointed, some Spurs supporters did not think well of the decision, but he soon won over the supporters and has demonstrated he is the right player to lead the team back to the top table.

The Portuguese coach Silva was reportedly one of the managers Spurs were targeting in the summer. The Telegraph reported in May that Silva, along with Postecolgou and Luis Enrique, was on the North London team’s three-man shortlist.

The 46-year-old chose to remain with Fulham, and last week he signed a new deal at Craven Cottage. Ream has now stated unequivocally that there was never a real possibility of him signing a summer contract with Spurs.

There was never going to be a Marco Silva at Tottenham.

“When you’re not sure if the manager will be there past the summer, if he doesn’t sign a contract extension now, there’ll always be rumblings if managers get sacked at other clubs,” the Fulham vice captain said on The American Dream Podcast.

“It happened with Tottenham during the summer when he was connected to that position through unreliable sources—which, incidentally, turned out to be untrue. It makes people feel a little more at ease.

Silva may have been contacted by Tottenham in the summer because the team wanted to thoroughly investigate a number of prospects before selecting their top pick.

But the Portuguese coach was never going to be at the top of their list, and he never seemed to have a chance of landing the position.



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