Siya Kolisi shows true colours as Rugby World Cup winner’s full-time reaction spotted

 After their victory over New Zealand, South Africa’s captain, Siya Kolisi, who won the Rugby World Cup, demonstrated why he is leading the Springboks.

The reason South Africa’s captain Siya Kolisi is regarded as one of the game’s finest leaders was amply demonstrated by his on-field response to the Springboks’ victory in the Rugby World Cup. New Zealand pushed in the last seconds of a fiercely contested match, but the 14 men were unable to secure the required point total to stop South Africa’s 12-11 triumph in Paris on Saturday.

After coming within a point, the All Blacks gained momentum, and referee Wayne Barnes’ yellow card for Cheslin Kolbe brought the score to level. The winger was obviously finding it difficult to take the seriousness of the situation, as evidenced by the fact that he could hardly watch the last ten minutes from the sidelines, covering his face with his shirt.

Many of the Springboks’ players went to their knees in joyful celebration as they managed to cling onto their lead and guarantee that they would win the World Cup for a record-tying fourth time. Captain Kolisi, on the other hand, adopted a different strategy and raced to the touchline as soon as he heard the full-time whistle.

His focus was on Kolbe, who had transformed from hopelessness to exultation. And when he convinced his teammate that he had not let the Springboks down, Kolisi ran over to embrace the winger who had been singed. Kolisi’s leadership was evident in their embrace as they instantly considered the player who might have been experiencing conflicting emotions following the game.


Siya Kolisi going to hug Cheslin Kolbe.

Throughout the World Cup, Kolisi has been the ideal representative for South African rugby, setting a good example both on and off the field. The 32-year-old flanker’s unquestionable leadership abilities were once again demonstrated as he was frequently spotted belting out the national anthem before games with such pride that it contagious.

Kolisi responded, “We had to,” when asked how his squad persevered and defeated New Zealand. Early on in the game, we lost Bongi Mbonambi, our hooker, and we had to adjust. Our lineouts were under a lot of pressure from them, but we managed to overcome it.

“Those who are not native to South Africa are unaware of the implications for our nation. It goes beyond only the game. Our nation experiences so much.

“All we can say is that we’re thankful to be here. I want to express my gratitude to the people of South Africa.

“This group merely demonstrates your abilities. When we collaborate, anything is possible in any setting—offices or the field—and it demonstrates our collective strength. This crew has my gratitude and my utmost admiration.”

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