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‘He’s ready’ Moyes declares star will make highly anticipated first league start

Mohammed Kudus, a rising star for West Ham, will make his eagerly awaited league debut against Sheffield United, according to David Moyes.

On Saturday afternnon, West Ham will host Sheffield United at the London Stadium in the Premier League.

Additionally, the game now carries an additional level of excitement for Hammers supporters.

Mohammed Kudus’ £38 million summer acquisition has generated excitement at West Ham.

But up until now, Moyes has introduced the Ghana sensation gradually into West Ham’s games.

Following one minute at Luton, cameos from the bench during losses to Man City and Liverpool.

Kudus started in the wins over TSC Backa Topola and Lincoln in the Europa League and Carabao Cup, respectively.

Before dominating the League One team, he scored twice in Europe and was hailed by 5 Live Extra analysts as the “best player on the pitch by some distance.”

West Ham supporters have been urging Moyes to start Kudus in the Premier League, where it matters the most.

In any case, there seems to be encouraging news on that front before the match against the Blades.

Because Moyes announced that West Ham star Kudus will make his much awaited league debut against Sheffield United.

In his pregame raving about what he has seen thus far and his suggestion that he will unleash Kudus when a frail Sheffield United drive up to the London Stadium, the Scot declared, “He’s ready.”

Kudus’ potential starting spot for West Ham is unknown because of Moyes’ assertion that he can play in a variety of positions, which has left Sheffield United and the public in the dark.

Moyes told The Evening Standard, “I have no doubt that Mo is ready.

“I believe he was prepared when he arrived; he had already completed the necessary training and games. He is prepared, and we will employ him when the perfect circumstances and chances arise.

“I can see him in a variety of positions, but I think he’ll be another No. 10 midfielder for us.” He can play off the sides, and that position is now very competitive. He has also suited up as a center forward.

There are tidbits of each of those that we can employ if necessary, but the midfielders around No. 10 or one of the three are probably where we see him most frequently.


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