Detail, decision-making and discipline – Leo Cullen’s blueprint for beating the Springboks

In this weekend’s matchup with South Africa, Leo Cullen thinks that focus and accuracy will be crucial for Ireland.

The Leinster head coach is accustomed to preparing his players to face opposition from the Rainbow Nation, and with the Springboks’ head coach Jacques Nienaber soon to arrive at the RDS, he has been keeping a close eye on them lately.

He was impressed by the world champions’ victories over Scotland and New Zealand recently, but he still thinks Ireland has a chance.

He said, “Scotland had a chance.” They made a few lineout mistakes early on, which may have caused a little jitteriness in your team.

“Then they had that nice play where they went over the top and they did, South Africa, so they get them on the edge, but then they just couldn’t quite nail that final pass,” he continued.

“It’s the detail, but some of that decision-making under duress… circumstances have been intense.

“You go up against a good defensive club, which is why Jacques is appealing. Cullen continued, “It’s a pretty robust, aggressive defensive system.

“So how do you attack against that?

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