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Astonishing Bowen revelation shows he’s worth every penny of West Ham mega deal

Amazing Jarrod Bowen surprise demonstrates that he is worth every dollar of the upcoming West Ham big contract.

West Ham acquired Jarrod Bowen from Hull City on January 31, 2020, for a fee of £20.5 million.

The left-footed star who had been lighting up the Championship belonged to the Hammers, who won the signing over Newcastle and Crystal Palace.

After more than three and a half years, Bowen’s acquisition has proven to be among West Ham United’s best financial decisions.

With his last-second victory in the Europa Conference League final back in June, Bowen cemented his legend status for West Ham and became a talisman for the club.

Astonishing Jarrod Bowen revelation shows he’s worth every penny of new West Ham mega deal heading his way

As Bowen sped through to score, the commentator said, “It’s up for grabs now!”

And Bowen is now eligible to sign a new contract with West Ham. If stories are to be believed, it has been that way for more than a year.

A rumor from earlier this week claimed that West Ham is confident in securing Bowen’s signature on a lengthy contract extension that could more than treble his current pay.

That occurs in the midst of interest from teams like Liverpool.

Now, a startling Bowen revelation demonstrates that he merits every dollar of the upcoming West Ham mega-deal.

Because Bowen has only missed TWO Premier League games in more than three and a half seasons at West Ham.

That is a phenomenal record given the number of games West Ham have played in that time at home and abroad.

To miss just two Prem matches out of 130 is simply unbelievable

especially since Bowen has also been a consistent starter in those same European seasons.

Since Bowen joined the team, West Ham has participated in 130 Premier League games. It’s unimaginable that you would miss even two of those games.

The only two Premier League games Bowen has missed in his nearly four years at West Ham were due to an ankle injury received at Liverpool in the 2021–22 season.

Players who show up for every game, play despite slight discomfort for the team, and give it their all each and every time they don a West Ham jersey are worth their weight in gold.

Given the physical demands of today’s game, especially for an attacking player like Bowen who relies on his explosive pace, the statistic is made all the more astounding.

It’s understandable why West Ham wanted to sign Bowen to a new contract so badly.

We can only hope that the allegations that surfaced this week are true and that the deal will be signed as soon as possible.

Without a question, he deserves it and has earned it.

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