Why come out with that’ – Pundit slams Daniel Levy for recent revelation

According to Alan Brazil, Daniel Levy shouldn’t have revealed that Tottenham Hotspur had a buy-back clause for Harry Kane.

When asked if Spurs have a buy-back clause for Kane during the fan forum on Tuesday at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, Levy simply replied, “Of course,” without going into further detail.

Since then, a number of publications, notably The Daily Mail, have disclosed that Tottenham has a right-to-match provision, which entitles them to match any bid that Bayern accepts for the striker from another English team.

The publication did add that Kane is unlikely to rejoin the Lilywhites because of the tension in his relationship with Levy, who made the striker’s move to the Bavarian club very challenging in the summer.

GiveMeSport has now claimed that Kane would be open to leaving Munich for another European team following his experience there or concluding his career in the MLS.

Should Daniel Levy have discussed the buy-back of Kane?

Brazil thinks Levy should have stayed quiet about the provision since many things could change for the England captain and Tottenham during the ensuing years.

Why come out with it if you aren’t going to let them know when it is? the commentator asked talkSPORT Breakfast (20/09/23 at 6:25 am). What if Kane remains for five years because he loves it?

“What if Tottenham make progress again? They are currently succeeding under Ange. What if they don’t succeed? He could enjoy the area’s Black Forest. You shouldn’t try to summarize it because his family might like it.

“What if Haaland decides to leave? Does he attend Manchester United or City? Also, Spurs?

Levy did not necessarily imply that Kane will likely return to N17 just because he disclosed that Spurs have a clause in their contract. Therefore, I don’t get Brazil’s argument.

The 30-year-old will undoubtedly return to England before his career is over, although it is unclear which team he will join.


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