Breaking: Notre Dame lands commitment from four-star OL Will Black

Wallingford, Connecticut Will Black, an offensive tackle from Choate Rosemary Hall’s class of 2025, is the most recent recruit to pledge to the University of Notre Dame. The 295-pound, 6-7 player chose the Fighting Irish over Penn State, Michigan, and Alabama.

Notre Dame signed a three-star prospect from 247Sports, who ranks as the top recruit in Connecticut and the 30th offensive tackle in the nation. He is ranked as a four-star prospect, the No. 29 player at his position, and the No. 316 overall talent for the upcoming cycle according to the composite rankings.

Black most recently traveled to Notre Dame and made a trip to Michigan in early December. Those two universities appeared to be among the front-runners for the highly sought-after prospect, so it was not shocking when he set the commitment date soon after concluding both trips.

At first, Michigan appeared to be in the lead. He spent a great deal of time with Sherrone Moore during his visit to Ann Arbor, and the Wolverines were on the rise. Still, it’s obvious that the journey to South Bend changed everything. The largest difference may have come from Joe Rudolph’s ability to move Black past the current offensive guards.

Notre Dame has secured a significant victory, adding to the already impressive pool of committed players who are eager to represent the Fighting Irish. Deuce Knight, the quarterback, is ranked No. 139 in the nation, defensive back Ivan Taylor is ranked No. 33 overall by 247Sports, tight end James Flanigan is ranked No. 116 overall, and edge rusher CJ May is ranked among the Top 200 in the 2025 class. Notre Dame now has one of the best classes in the nation thanks to the 11 commits.


Blake Corum shares insight into Michigan football’s Rose Bowl prep, national championship aspirations

ANN ARBOR, Michigan:It was expected of Blake Corum to lead the Wolverines back to a Big Ten title and the College Football Playoffs when he returned to Michigan.

Michigan running back Blake Corum (2) jokes with teammates on the sideline during Michigan football’s Spring Game at Michigan Stadium in Ann Arbor on Saturday, April 2, 2022.

He has so far assisted U-M in achieving every objective this season. However, the claim that dominated headlines during the summer—”Natty or bust”—remains.

Speaking on Thursday morning of the Rose Bowl, captain Corum—who leads the country in rushing touchdowns—said he still has high expectations for the Michigan football team.

“I maintain my position on it. In my opinion, it’s either natty or bust, as I stated at the start of the year. We’re that close, too,” Corum remarked. “We need to overcome that obstacle, and I believe we will. We may have the recipe, I believe.

As the Rose Bowl and the College Football Playoffs approach, the standout running back had the following further remarks:

On if he feels people consider Alabama the top team:

Yes. From the leap, they overturned. I think they abandoned the job as soon as they said we would be playing Alabama. Which is okay because those are just people’s thoughts and ideas. As I mentioned before, we’re going into it as the dominant dog. We are going to play like the best team in the country because we are.

A fantastic team is Alabama. They are really well-coached after seeing the film. Defense is everywhere.We therefore know that it will be a challenge that we look forward to greatly. We’re still the best dog, though. And that’s the approach we will take.

On the benefits from a lighter practice schedule before the CFP compared to previous years:

Our bodies feel fantastic. Previously, we were kind of going at it a little bit, but Coach Harbaugh has since made some slight changes. We therefore put in a lot of practice and will walkthrough at full speed without hitting. Although every little detail is still important and the execution is still excellent, our bodies are feeling great. That is, in my opinion, a distinct strategy. Additionally, more guys are accepting the movie intellectually. Considering the amount of time we have to play the game, we need make sure we are aware of every possible move they could make.

On if he stands on his national championship or bust mantra from the preseason:

Very absolutely. That’s where I stand. In my opinion, it’s either natty or bust, as I stated at the start of the year. We really are that close. We need to figure out a way around that obstacle, and I believe we can. I believe the recipe is here.

For the next few days, before we depart for California, all we have to do is stay put. And after we get in California, we’ll stay put until January 1st, just being careful to be exact. We are unable to make any errors. I do, however, stand by what I said.

On if he can compare the Alabama defense to any Michigan has played:

We’ve executed some excellent defenses. like the final three of the four games, in my opinion. Probably played Iowa, Penn State, and Ohio State as three of the top five defenses. Up there is Alabama. They are an extremely talented squad with excellent coaching, and they just fly around as they compete to be the first to the ball. They have self-control. Their corners and D-ends both have excellent quality. They rank right up there with the top defenses we’ve faced this year, particularly over the last four games, in Ohio, Penn State, and Iowa. There they are, holding hands. wonderful football players that adore the game. In the movie, that’s what I perceive.

On his memory of the 2022 College Football Playoff:

It was awful. It was awful. I tried to share with my teammates what I witnessed on the field while being there for them. I desired to be outside. My desire was to be on the field, attempting to make a difference for the state of Michigan. After 365 days, we’re almost here at last. I’m thrilled to be playing for a fantastic team in the College Football Playoffs once again. and playing with my teammates on the field as opposed to using crutches on the sidelines.

On if Alabama’s defense reminds him of Penn State’s with great defensive ends:

Though we have the best defense in the country, their defense is quite similar to ours. Chop-like athletes like Chris Braswell and Dallas Turner are undoubtedly on their team. Fantastic D-ends are large, strong, quick to get off the ball, and they can sprint from sideline to sideline. They do, in my opinion, resemble Penn State because of Chop and their linebackers. Football players who are passionate about the game adhere to the coaches’ game plan. We’ll have to play against a formidable defense on January 1st, but we’ll be prepared. We’ll be prepared.

On the run game with Zak Zinter out:

Zak seems so confident, but I wish he was playing. Trente at tackle and Karsen at guard will also be just fine, in my opinion. They’re prepared. They look fantastic in that photo. I can’t wait to chase after them.

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