James Maddison calls out England team mate for poor choice of Club

James Maddison has admitted that he is a big fan of Declan Rice, joking that he hates that the midfielder plays for Arsenal.

Madison was talking about some of his England teammates with Ben Foster on Amazon Prime Sport after assisting the Three Lions in making it to the 2024 European Championship.

Declan Rice will undoubtedly be among the first names on Gareth Southgate’s roster come summertime. Since making the club-record transfer to Arsenal during the previous transfer window, the 24-year-old has been on fire.

James Maddison says he hates that Declan Rice plays for Arsenal

This season, Rice may have been the best player in the Premier League. Without a doubt, Rice has done a fantastic job of silencing those who wish to argue over whether or not Arsenal overpaid for him

Of course, James Maddison might find it difficult to watch his form. The 27-year-old has proven to be an excellent addition for Tottenham, a rival team in North London.

However, it’s obvious that the attacking midfielder is very impressed with the Arsenal player.

“His technical skills are exceptional,” he stated to Amazon Prime Sport. “Me and Dec love to go because we love to do the daisy-cutter, the little zingers where it doesn’t matter if it goes wrong because we’re practising. However, one of the warm-ups we have to do is passing over a long distance, which is pretty basic. He’s also a joke at it. I’ve seen better at it than he is. To him, that low zing cut almost feels like a golf shot.

“Dec is simply an incredible player, in my opinion. I detest that he is an Arsenal player. He truly is an elite player.

Game-changing signing for the Gunners

Obviously, after reading Maddison’s remarks about Rice, Tottenham supporters might not be overly happy. However, there’s no denying that he was a great addition to Arsenal.

He has assiduously shifted to Mikel Arteta’s side. He shares many qualities with Thomas Partey. However, he is demonstrating that he is far more dependable in terms of staying in shape and being available.

Comparable to Maddison at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, it is amazing how quickly he has adjusted.

Rice might continue to be a mainstay for the Arsenal team for many years to come. He undoubtedly seems to have what it takes to lead the Gunners in the future as captain.

And it says a lot that he has impressed Maddison with his technical ability.

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