sad news: Tennessee Titans could lose RB

This week, the Tennessee Titans take on the Indianapolis Colts, and it appears like one of their best players, running back Jonathan Taylor, may be sidelined due to a serious hand injury.

This Sunday is the Tennessee Titans’ second-ever game against the Indianapolis Colts of the season. With a 6-5 record so far this season, the Colts will undoubtedly want to defeat the 4-7 Titans. It appears that they will have to do it without the talented Jonathan Taylor at running back if they decide to do it.

Ian Rapoport of NFL Network reports that Taylor sustained a serious hand injury that appears to rule him out of the game in Week 13, possibly for an extended period of time. Reports and more details began to pour in after Rapoport broke the news. Taylor might even be placed on injured reserve, according to some.

As of right now, the team has not released any official statements; these are simply reports. Even though it makes sense that it will happen soon, it is impossible to say with certainty when Taylor will miss. In practical terms, it might not be significant.

The Colts’ run game bludgeoned the Titans in Week 5, a shocking defeat for the team. If you weren’t watching, you might have assumed that Taylor was the one causing the damage as the Colts amassed 193 rushing yards.

Zack Moss, the backup running back, was the true offender, though. Moss gained two touchdowns on 165 rushing yards. Not to take anything away from Taylor’s skill, but regardless of who lines up to receive handoffs from the Colts, it is obvious the Titans will struggle.

However, the return of run-stuffing nose tackle Teair Tart, who was absent from the first game, will be a plus for the Titans. Tart should still be a big help even though he has played during the Titans’ poor run defense against other teams.

If the Titans are to repeat what happened in Week 5, they will undoubtedly be swept out of the division race if they haven’t already. Therefore, the Titans must improve their run defense against the Colts this week.

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