The Springboks have lost two not-so-secret weapons after World Cup triumph

The Springboks have lost two not-so-secret weapons after World Cup triumph

For the time being, the loss of two important players who helped the Springboks win gold medals in France and Japan has been hidden by the excellent news that Rassie Erasmus will return to leading the team.

When the Boks play again the next season, it will be a case of you never know what you have until it’s gone.

Rassie was always the center of attention, so Jacques Nienaber and Felix Jones weren’t exactly the coaching staff’s poster boys. Instead, they were content to blend in and keep their heads deep in their laptops.

Naturally, Rassie is aware of the extent of the information the two have unearthed on their players and the opposition. With both of them currently traveling to the northern hemisphere, Leinster and the England national team are going to get a wealth of new information.

Don’t spill the beans, Jacques

As Ireland gets ready for a vengeance visit to South Africa, one hopes that not many trade secrets will find their way to the top, even though Nienaber will be participating at the provincial level at Leinster. World Rugby has not confirmed that tour, but it is well known that the only side who defeated the Boks in the World Cup will be their customary June opponents the following year.

Although they defeated South Africa, Ireland will undoubtedly feel that they have much to show given that the Boks took home the Cup. The Boks will be motivated to end a three-match losing run in order to demonstrate their status as deserving world champions. They have not defeated Ireland since 2016.

Director Rassie will need to carefully consider who to replace attack coach Jones and master of all crafts Nienaber, given their extensive “gopher” work for the director. As the World Cup was coming to an end, it was intriguing to hear what the Bok players had to say about Irishman Jones. Teams need hidden heroes.

Veteran Willie le Roux remarked, “He’s an incredible coach and it has been a privilege to work with him.”

Kragga Smith, a member of the Bomb Squad, continued, saying, “He’s an amazing coach and person.” He has made all of us Springboks better players.

The intriguing aspect is that Jones and the guys are not that much older. At the age of thirty-six, he was playing fullback for Munster in 2015 and had earned thirteen caps for Ireland before suffering an injury. He made the quick transition to attack coach and quickly established a relationship with the players due to his clear work ethic and subject matter expertise.

Le Roux remarked, “I don’t think I’ve ever seen him without his laptop.”

“He is a big asset to our attack, strike moves, and overall back play, and I believe the Springboks will miss him.”

‘The finer details’

Smith remarked, “He just pays so much attention to the little things.” You constantly believe you have a clean slate until he posts video and says, “Listen, this is how you do it.”

Regarding Nienaber, Siya Kolisi recently stated that he was a priceless asset because of his human touch and attention to detail. Kolisi remarked, “Jacques truly shows an interest in you, your history, and your family.”

You want to perform for a man who will welcome you and your children individually at the beginning of the tour, asking how they are doing and knowing which schools they attend.

“People simply don’t realize how much effort Jacques takes into getting us ready for a game. For instance, when I observe an opponent approaching during a game, I can predict his movements, where he will step, and which direction he would probably pass because of the information I have been provided.

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