Ange Postecoglou discusses Tottenham success and how far his team can reach in trophy pursuit

Ange Postecoglou has impressed in his early tenure at Spurs, outlining just how far he thinks they can go in their hopes of ending a trophy drought.

The possibility exists even if it may not be how the rest of the season plays out and there is a chance that a variety of variables might end this streak. So the question is whether Spurs finally have the guy to prevent their much anticipated next trophy win this time around.

When asked if Tottenham is the place where he can achieve his goals, Postecoglou said in an interview with FourFourTwo, “I think I’ve done it my whole career mate, I’ve never had the need to feel validated because I hadn’t done it at a level people think you need to do it.

“I can confidently state that if I return to any of the football clubs I’ve previously attended, I’ll be welcomed because I’ve had an influence. I see why there is greater attention on it since this is another chance to achieve that at one of the top clubs in the world in a huge competition.

“But, you know everywhere I’ve been I’ve tried to do the same thing, leave a mark and you know wherever I’ve been so far, I’ve done that.”

With that as the goal, some people will always be curious as to what Tottenham’s potential is and whether they can go above and beyond it. Postecoglou doesn’t want to restrict how far his club and players may advance in pursuit of a championship.

“Who knows mate, why would I bother putting a limit on it, you know?” The head coach from Australia continued. “Again, 26 years ago, if someone had told you that this man would eventually manage one of the largest clubs in the world after managing one of the most well-known clubs in the world and enjoy all this success, you would have responded, “Nah, that ain’t gonna happen, that’s a Hollywood script,'” the speaker continued.

“I’ve kind of learnt in my life not to put a limit on where I’m gonna end up and I’m not gonna put a limit on what this football club can do.”

When fans were frequently informed they couldn’t compete a few months ago, the mood and vibe were totally different. As a result of Postecoglou, they are now prepared for the voyage ahead and are daydreaming about a different solution.

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