Cole Palmer names the thing that has surprised him at Chelsea so far

Cole Palmer names the thing that has surprised him at Chelsea so far

Introducing Chelsea this summer One event that has occurred since Cole Palmer’s arrival from Manchester City has taken him by surprise.

Since relocating from Manchester to London and joining Chelsea in the late summer, Palmer has definitely made a mark as one of the team’s most inventive players thus far.

He is a young player, so no one was anticipating miracles from him right away. Blues fans would have been understanding if he needed some time to adjust to a new team and location in the UK, much like the rest of the current group.

Palmer has been astonished by how well he has been playing thus far because, up to this point, he hasn’t even appeared to be a new player and has acclimated to the field right immediately.

In an interview this week with The Daily Mail, he stated: “It has surprised me a little bit, but I know my own abilities. And I was aware that if I got started right away, I would have a chance and undoubtedly have an influence. I went there for that reason.

“I believed I could get in. I took a look at the roster and noticed that several players left, though not as many attackers as one might have anticipated.

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