‘He was outstanding’: BBC pundit says one Leeds player seems to be getting better and better

After defeating Bristol City 2-1 on Saturday, Leeds United entered the international break with Leigh Bromby praising Archie Gray’s performance.

Bromby was speaking to BBC Radio Leeds after the 17-year-old stood out as the Whites’ right-back as they picked up their third straight victory at home.

The fact that Archie Gray is a special talent should have been obvious to Leeds supporters. In the early weeks of the season, the teen has excelled, frequently shining with Ethan Ampadu in the park’s center.

It says everything that there did not appear to be huge concerns when it became apparent that he was starting at right-back on Saturday. And he went on to have a brilliant day in the role.

Leigh Bromby lauds Archie Gray after Leeds win

Surprisingly, according to Whoscored, Gray won eight tackles. The next greatest player on the field had a number that was twice as high. He also triumphed in all three of his aerial battles.

Leigh Bromby was undoubtedly very pleased with the young player’s performance as Leeds earned a spirited victory at Elland Road.

“Yes, he was exceptional. I believe his performance was exceptional and above his years, especially considering that he was playing out of position. We probably anticipated Daniel would maintain the lineup, thus I believe the four defenders were necessary. As you can see from the play patterns, the attacking play is getting better. The manager also reportedly stated that he enjoys placing players in their optimum places on the field. But he was compelled to take a slightly different action today. He said on BBC Radio Leeds, “And it worked.

“The major thing is his decision-making, and I don’t think we can keep talking about his age because his performances are at such a high level that his decision-making and positioning make it look like he’s played for 10, 15, or more years. He also appears to be improving steadily.

Scary amount of potential

Gray seems to be being well managed by Daniel Farke. He hasn’t appeared out of place at all during the Championship. But Farke has also shown no reluctance to remove him from the side when necessary.

Gray was outstanding for the first few weeks. But as Gray naturally began to wane, Farke carried Glen Kamara into the center of the park and let him to rest.

He didn’t start a few of games, but he immediately seems more motivated. And that level of play from Gray when he is playing out of position is so alarmingly high.

In the upcoming months, Leeds should not have to use Gray at right-back very frequently. However, it is reassuring to know that he can unquestionably fill that position if necessary.

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