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Moyes praise for ‘special player’

Jarrod Bowen, a “special player” for the Hammers, has received a ton of praise from boss David Moyes for yet another fantastic performance. The Hull City player who cost £20 million to be acquired has distinguished himself this season by routinely putting on standout performances and scoring goals, including today. Moyes is eager for Bowen to sign a new deal that will ensure his long-term dedication to the Hammers.

Bowen scored a fine header for Hammers equaliser

Moyes praise for ‘special player’ Jarrod Bowen

At the London Stadium, Bowen scored the game’s opening goal for his fifth Premier League goal of the year. Later, Tomas Soucek added another goal to West Ham’s 2-0 triumph, which was easily earned. With this specific game marking Moyes’ 900th league game as manager, it was a major milestone for him. The Irons coach didn’t hold back in praising Bowen for his outstanding performance and emphasized that the player is now performing at the top of his game.

High praise from Moyes

“He’s as good as he’s ever been at the moment, he really is. He’s sharp, he’s quick, he’s a threat. It was a lovely finish today but more importantly, his all-round game has got much better,” Moyes told reporters.

Moyes elaborated on the team’s ambitions, highlighting their recent successes in various competitions. “We’re off to a good start in the Europa League, we’ve got through in the League Cup and we’ve had a pretty good start in the league – we’ve seen the results today, you take your points whenever you can.”

While setting specific targets may not be their primary focus, Moyes made it clear that West Ham’s aim is to remain competitive against top teams in the league. “I don’t think we are setting targets, but the idea is to stay up and around the big boys, to keep competing and challenging them, which I think we have done – we’ve given Liverpool and Manchester City good games.”

Whilst both of those defeats stick in the throat, it’s hard to argue that we were in the game against the two clubs.

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