‘He needs to be disciplined’: David Seaman blasts £40m Spurs player for his awful performance against Arsenal

David Seaman says James Maddison could have been sent off in the North London Derby

Seaman says Maddison could have been sent off in the North London Derby

The former Arsenal player stated on Seman Says why he believes Jesus might have been the reason Maddison was dismissed.

According to Seaman, “if you look at it from a professional standpoint, he could have gone down and got the guy sent off because there was a tackle on him which could have been given as a penalty but then he knew he had a really good chance and just tried to smash it.”

He’s usually more methodical than that, so I don’t understand why he chose pace.

It’s undeniable that there was contact when Jesus snatched the ball away from Maddison, but if the Arsenal forward had gone down, it would have been a severe foul.

Before Maddison could complete his pass, the ball was stolen from him.

However, it was encouraging to see Jesus stay upright and seize the scoring opportunity as opposed to falling.

Maddison was unquestionably one of Spurs’ top players on the day, despite a shaky spell in the first half.

In the local derby, the £40 million player, who also provided the assists for both of Son’s goals, displayed outstanding midfield play once again.

It’s fair to say that the 26-year-old is proving to be an inspired piece of business for Spurs, and up until now, he has served as Ange Postecoglou’s primary source of inspiration.

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