Springboks Fan Goes Viral On Tik Tok For Questioning Validity Of Mack Hansen Try

After a historic test match in Paris, social media has behaved as predicted.

Disagreement over officiating selections, coaching staff involvement in field-level decisions, and the significance of a 1994 Cranberries song were all hot issues of discussion following the game.

Like in any big game, there were unfavorable decisions that both sets of supporters believed were made. Nick Mallett, a former South African coach, took issue with a handful of Ben O’Keeffe’s judgments as a referee.

Most of the South African criticism directed at O’Keeffe concerned the final play and the Kiwi’s choice to end the game prematurely.

However one Boks fans has gone viral on tik tok for questioning the validity of Mack Hansen’s crucial first half score.


The video has gained a lot of attention; it has received over 250k views on Tik Tok and was widely shared on Monday on Twitter before being removed due to legal issues.

Hansen undoubtedly got much closer to the backline than any Irish supporter would have preferred, but it was obvious that he was trying.

The claim that Hansen hadn’t landed received the ideal response from Jay Long on Twitter.

The comments on tik tok are full of Springboks fans making the same point.

Although many former pros have understood the reasoning behind making the conversion simpler for his captain, Johnny Sexton. Brian O’Driscoll, a legend in Ireland, commented on it and compared it to his very first try for Ireland.

Reaction from players and fans

Hansen was able to make light of it in the aftermath of the game with another highly entertaining post-match interview.

Johnny is growing older and can’t kick as far as he used to, so I was simply trying to make the kick easier for him. If I could just sneak it around a little bit more, I felt that would help. Obviously, I knew what I was doing.

This has received a lot of Irish and rugby fans in general with a great sense of humor, much like a lot of twitter discussions.

Despite the fact that Hansen’s attempt almost ended in failure, there are numerous pictures that show the Connacht winger was able to ground the ball into the field of play.

The touchdown was very essential to Ireland’s 13-8 victory as well as their overall World Cup campaign. They now focus on Scotland on October 7 in Paris, with the possibility of advancing to the quarterfinals if they can defeat a competent Scotland team.


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