‘LAUGHABLE’ – Tottenham boss Ange responds to the media comparism between him and Mikel Arteta

Tottenham boss Postecoglou dismisses similarities between himself and Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta

Ange Postecoglou has denied any parallels between himself and Mikel Arteta, the manager of the Gunners, in a press conference before of tomorrow’s match between Tottenham Hotspur and Arsenal (h/t Despite this, he has continued to express his love for Arteta.

Football is about to witness one of its greatest rivalries at this time of year. The North London Derby is, in fact, about to begin. Things feel different now after what appeared to be a significant showdown on paper but ultimately fell short.

Arsenal has improved since the start of last season. Only Manchester City has performed better than them throughout this time, thus few opponents want to play Mikel Arteta’s well-prepared team.

In any other situation, Tottenham would enter this game on guard and honestly fearing the worse. However, this time, Spurs have been outstanding this year and will likely favor their alterations against Arsenal.

This season, both sides have competed in 5 Premier League games, winning 4 and drawing 1. Arsenal is in fourth place, whereas Tottenham is second in the standings due to their superior goal differential.

Anyone who has studied this team and grown weary of the pragmatic, unimaginative game played under Jose Mourinho and Antonio Conte would be extremely surprised by Tottenham’s 13-goal advantage over Arsenal in the league so far.

Tottenham boss Postecoglou dismisses similarities between himself and Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta.  (Photo by Eric Alonso/Getty Images)
Ange Postecoglou witty as ever in the press conference (Photo by Eric Alonso/Getty Images)

The general mood among N17 supporters is excellent because Ange Postecoglou has restored positivity and joy to them. In press conferences, he has also been a good time, and today was no exception when he was questioned about Arteta’s likeness.

“No we’re not close. The football world’s a funny one.  In terms of similarities… I’m 58, he’s whatever. I’ve had 26 years, he’s five years into it. He’s managed in one country, I’ve managed in a few. I’m not sure how he’s got a great head of hair… He’s a lot fitter than I am. I don’t know mate, there’s not a lot of threads I can sort of join between us!”

It’s the kind of witty Ange response to which we’ve all grown accustomed in recent months. Despite the Australian’s criticism that there aren’t many parallels between the two coaches, they both enjoy coaching offensive, exciting football.

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