‘Let them get ahead of themselves’ – Postecoglou encourages Spurs fans to dream big

Ange Postecoglou has insisted that it is not his role to temper the expectations of Tottenham fans, remarking that they can get excited about what the season has in store.


Given the turbulent end to last season, it is fair to say that Spurs’ expectations heading into this one were the lowest they had been in more than a decade.

Many fans anticipated this season to be one of transition when Harry Kane left the team this summer and the Lilywhites changed their coaching staff.

Tottenham, on the other hand, has made the best start to a season for the club since 1965 with 13 points from their first five league games (Evening Standard).

Some Spurs fans have justifiably begun to believe that this season could hold something special as a result of the way the Lilywhites overcame a deficit to defeat Sheffield United.

Postecoglou will not rain on the Spurs fan parade

After the 2-1 victory, when asked if supporters’ expectations should be moderated, Postecoglou responded, “No, no, no, let them go, let them go, and enjoy it. It’s not my job to deflate people’s balloons. Let them get overly enthusiastic and impatient.

The pleasure of being a supporter is that. You want to let them appreciate it because they already go through enough pain. It’s up to us to live up to their expectations if they believe we will be world beaters, which is fantastic. Our supporters should be happy and free to enjoy it anyway they like.

This response is so energizing and shows how supremely secure Ange is in himself.

For strictly self-serving reasons, some of the managers we’ve had recently (namely Conte) have always preferred to downplay expectations and highlight how much superior the squads of our rivals are.

So, even though it raises expectations for him and the club, it pleases me to hear a Tottenham head coach be confident enough to beg for excitement from the crowd.

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