Detriot Lions QB enter Transfer Portal

Ahead of their Week 16 matchup with the Minnesota Vikings, the Detroit Lions announced their roster changes.

The team declared before the game that kicker Michael Badgley and tight end Anthony Firkser would be promoted from the practice squad to the active roster for Sunday’s contest.

It is not shocking that both players have been promoted. This season, Badgley will be making two appearances. Riley Patterson, who was cut on Tuesday after the team promoted Hendon Hooker to the active roster, lost the kickoff position to him.

Firkser has an opportunity this week because Brock Wright was absent during practice last week.

With three games remaining in the regular season, the Lions must make a lot of decisions regarding their roster. The organization will need to make moves to create slots for each player since other players, including Jason Cabinda and C.J. Gardner-Johnson, are expected to return off injured reserve.

It’s difficult. It’s really difficult. This relates to the discussion of the practice squad and vet squad once camp is over. They play a vital role in the team. You will need them, which is why they are on your roster,” Dan Campbell remarked. “And they are your guys; you have time on task with them and they have been in your system.” Yes, there has been some churn, but a lot of the men have been with us from the beginning, which is significant and they have played for us.”

After next week’s game against Dallas, the Lions will need to find a space on the roster for Badgley, if he stays the kicker.

This might happen at the same time that other players come off injured reserve, which means Campell and general manager Brad Holmes will have to make some difficult choices.

“Now, as we go, you’re right, you’re talking about Deucey (Gardner-Johnson), you’re talking about Cabinda, you’re talking about Mac, could be Houston and there’s a couple of other guys,” Campbell said. “All right, so you have to lose someone if you do that. You’re correct—this is when things start to get difficult. Ultimately, I believe that whatever choices Brad and I make going forward must center around maintaining the strongest roster in order to advance for the remainder of the season. Furthermore, nothing about it is simple.

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