Is billionaire Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones looking to buy Tottenham?

Spotted: Staff of billionaire Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones rode into town on his mega-yacht and parked up at Butler’s Wharf earlier this month. Around the same time, the 81-year-old’s private jet landed at Stansted, which just happens to be the nearest airport to Tottenham. 


What could he possibly be doing here? Perhaps he’s looking to get his hands on Spurs, Spy reckons.

Though neither side would tell us what’s going on. Jones’s spokesperson declined to comment on why he was in London, and Tottenham did not respond to a request for comment on whether its execs had met with him.

Several US billionaire NFL team owners have gone on to take stakes in Premier League clubs over the years, including Stan Kroenke, owner of Arsenal and the LA Rams, and the Glazer family, who own the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Manchester United (though not for much longer).


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