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‘He is mad’… Ally McCoist now says Aston Villa have a player who is completely crazy

Ally McCoist has now been slightly baffled by how Unai Emery described one of his Aston Villa players after yesterday’s Brentford win.

Although Villa trailed for a large portion of the match, they quickly took advantage of Ben Mee’s red card to win an incredible three points.

McCoist was shocked by some of the manager’s words when talking about Villa’s victory and Unai Emery’s post-match remarks.

As is his custom, Emiliano Martinez was deeply mired in controversy throughout the game.

But Martinez was “mature” and “responsible,” according to Emery after the game.

Which, given that McCoist believed Emiliano Martinez was completely insane, he found highly entertaining.

TalkING on talkSPORT, McCoist stated: “He’s actually the opposite of what he seems like. I actually wrote down the words’mature’ and’responsible,’ and I put a question mark after both of them because that’s the last thing he is.'”

“I thought his antics at the World Cup final, listen I know you’re excited you’ve just won the World Cup, but I thought they were embarrassing.

“Particularly against the man who just stuck the ball by him four times including the penalty, you know, it was amazing.

“That said, if ever living proof was required that the age of statement that goalkeepers are mad, Martinez is keeping that flame flying and shining bright, because he is mad.”

The remarks made by Unai Emery on Emiliano Martinez of Villa left Ally McCoist perplexed.

Naturally, as McCoist suggests, many of the top goalkeepers in the history of the sport have had admirable moral qualities.

Goalkeepers that you would not want to be on the wrong side of include Jens Lehmann, Oliver Kahn, and Manuel Neuer.

Martinez is getting close to that level of achievement, even though some people don’t think he has yet.

Martinez also displays his mental toughness for everyone to see, which is a major component of his game, much like the individuals mentioned before.

Martinez’s theatrics may occasionally cause him to lose focus, but they also contribute to his greatness as a player.

Clearly Unai Emery isn’t too concerned, and McCoist must recognise that he is simply defending his Villa keeper.

And with three points in the bag, Villa fans won’t be giving the antics too much thought moving forwards.

Away from the Brentford game, an interesting fact about Martinez’s move to Villa has also now come to light.

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