Texas A&B offensive lineman, a former four star prospect, signed by Michigan


The Nittany Lions have been attempting to duplicate their 2016 Big Ten championship game victory since Penn State football’s victory. Since winning the conference, Penn State has been a successful program, but they haven’t been able to cross the finish line and reach their desired position. Following the Big Ten title, the team’s new objective was to advance to the College Football Playoff and defeat both Michigan and Ohio State in the same season.Despite their victory over Ohio State, the Buckeyes advanced to the postseason despite the Nittany Lions’ 10-2 regular season record after winning the Big Ten.

A fascinating wide receiver on the transfer portal, Malik Bowen-Sims is moving from Duke to a new residence. He’s a dynamic player who could have an instant effect on this Penn State squad. Guys who can make plays with the ball in their hands are what the Nittany Lions need. That type of player, Bowen-Sims, could improve both the offense and the team.

Garrett Miller played for Purdue before using the transfer portal, so he is already a member of a Big Ten team. Penn State might be a good fit for him if he still wants to stay in the Big Ten. A strong tight end is an integral part of any Big Ten offense. Even though they don’t always receive the same credit as wide receivers and running backs, they are an essential component of the team regardless of the play.

EDGE, Tyler Baron, Tennessee

After this season, Penn State football’s top pass rusher, Chop Robinson, will leave for the NFL. Although it will be difficult to make up for lost time in that area the following season, the Nittany Lions can try to get some assistance through the transfer portal. Penn State ought to consider Tyler Baron, who is among the top EDGE players accessible through the portal.

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