Fresh Evidence emerging: Five 49ers player to face immediate suspension

SANTA CLARA — An NFL quarterback normally would not have feelings of regret following a booming 72-yard play to open the game, but that is not the case for Brock Purdy.

The 49ers’ Week 14 victory over the Seattle Seahawks began with Purdy taking the snap at the 25-yard line. Christian McCaffrey, the team’s star running back, received the ball and proceeded to sprint from the left side of the formation to the 3-yard line, which is located close to the right sideline.

Though Purdy began at a full sprint down the right sideline, wide receiver Brandon Aiyuk made crucial blocks throughout the play to allow his teammate to gain a few more yards. Purdy thinks the play very well might have ended in a touchdown if the quarterback had maintained his pace.

Purdy remarked, “I saw him make his cut early on.” “I saw BA running and a few guys downfield.” I said to myself, “Okay, I’ll try to get down there.” Furthermore, if Christian decides to cut back, I should be able to approach a guy and create a block for him.

Christian began to distance himself, and I was unsure of my chances of making it there. And I thought, “Dang it, I should have done it,” as he made his cutback. I ought to have continued.

McCaffrey feels he should have reached the end zone on his own and doesn’t place any blame at all on his quarterback. The running back made it very evident that he would rather not block defenders in order to keep his quarterback healthy.

“Hopefully not,” McCaffrey responded when asked if Purdy could assist in blocking plays. “Hopefully he simply moves aside. He most likely wanted to celebrate because he thought I was going to score, which is what I should have done.

Being a good team player, Purdy wanted to keep the play going and simply “be there” for McCaffrey, especially when he had a scoring opportunity. Rather, McCaffrey was replaced by running back J.P. Mason on the next play, who ran the ball three yards to score the first points.

It did not surprise McCaffrey that his quarterback was the first player to assist him off the grass.

“He had a lengthy period,” McCaffrey grinned. “Despite the fact that I should have scored long ago, it was cool to see.”

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