‘I wasn’t happy’… £25m Spurs player says he hated last season but is now buzzing

Tottenham Hotspur star Dejan Kulusevski has spoken of how much better he’s feeling at present when compared to last season.

The Spurs star discussed his resolve to turn things around in 2023–24 and his troubles from the previous season with

Tottenham had a terrible season the previous year, placing eighth in the Premier League and missing out on all of Europe’s competition.

Since then, Spurs have pulled together, appointing capable candidates for the dugout, the boardroom, and the transfer window.

Tottenham has been revitalized by Ange Postecoglou, who has made some excellent additions to the club and made it an exciting and reliable squad.

‘I feel like the best version of myself’

The future is undoubtedly looking much better, even though it hasn’t exactly been easy sailing—the Spurs have lost a number of important players due to injury and suspension, for example.

Kulusevski, like many other Tottenham players, had a difficult season before to this one, but he claims he’s back to his best and ready to go.

The £25 million man stated, “I wanted to come back much stronger this season because I wasn’t happy with last season and the way it ended.”

“After putting in a lot of effort every day, I feel like the best version of myself and am returning to my true shape.

“I’m just happy that I’ve worked so hard to get to this level, even though it didn’t happen overnight and took many months to reach.”

“Playing football without thinking too much is the ideal way to play the game; it allows you to play without worrying about mistakes or anything else. I feel totally free in my new position as well as in my head.

“I’m ready to play like this for the remainder of the season and I’m determined to help the team even more because I feel really good right now.”

Dejan Kulusevski raring to go for Tottenham

It’s good to hear Kulusevski say he’s in a great place and eager to continue playing well and keeping his standards high for the Spurs cause. Kudos to him for working so hard and getting back the levels we know he can reach.

This mindset will be essential as Tottenham looks to overcome its recent setbacks, continue to develop, and ideally place among the top four teams in the Premier League this year. That would be a fantastic starting point for some big additions the following season.

Tottenham, led by Postecoglou, is still in its early stages of development. As the other North London team has shown, it may even take many seasons to assemble a world-class team and get rid of the deadwood.

It should go without saying that there will inevitably be setbacks because Rome wasn’t created in a day. Postecoglou needs more time at Tottenham before he can completely alter the team.

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