DONE DEAL: Michigan wolverines have finally signing…….

Michigan transfer portal target Upton Stout is coming to visit

Michigan will host top Transfer Portal goaltender Upton Stout on Sunday, 247Sports learned Thursday night.

The Western Kentucky product is the No. 1 cornerback. 2 in this year’s edition of the portal (so far) and also has offers from USC, Virginia Tech and West Virginia, among others.

Originally from Houston, Texas, Stout began his career in North Texas before moving to Western Kentucky over the past two years. 247 Sports Transfer Evaluator Clint Brewster recently named Stout as his top available corner in this year’s portal: Upton Stout is a two-time transfer who has done his duty at North Texas (2021 season) and Western Kentucky (22-23) and is likely ready to try his hand at the Power Five level.

Stout had an interception and a forced fumble for the Hilltoppers last season. Stout has excellent speed and can cover and cover a lot of ground with his quickness. I like how he stays in tune with the receivers.‌

According to 247Sports Composite and 247Sports, Stout was a former three-star prospect and will likely be the first to consider USC other than the Wolverines.

Cornerback is a position we expected Michigan to evaluate highly as it is considered a position where teams lack depth.

Of course, entering the NCAA transfer portal does not mean a player will go elsewhere, as players are free to withdraw from the portal if they wish. However, hundreds, if not thousands, of players are expected to move elsewhere in the FBS in the coming weeks.

This is the first cycle with transfer portal windows which, for the FBS, extend from December 5th to January 18th and include an additional period from April 15th to April 30th. Players can no longer access the portal at any time, although there are always exceptions to the rules.

Graduate transfers and players whose head coaches have left the program are not subject to these guidelines, which is why athletes have already begun accessing the portal. ‌Schools are no longer limited to signing only 25 first grades per cycle.

This means programs can aggressively revise their participant plans to meet their scholarship limit of 85. Many people across the country believe this will result in players being removed from the team.

The NCAA also adopted a rule requiring schools to keep transfer athletes on scholarships until their eligibility period expires or until they complete their undergraduate studies.

This means those undertaking a bachelor’s degree are at greater risk than ever as they remain stuck on the list no matter what.

For more on the “mass chaos” associated with this year’s transfer portal cycle, read this story from 247Sports, which includes commentary from an assistant in every FBS conference

Real Recognize Real Report (12/7) – Portal Target Update:

Is Michigan involved with Walter Nolen? Has former five-star defensive lineman Walter Nolen heard from Michigan?

Welcome to the Real Recognize Real report. That title isn’t grammatically correct, but that’s not the intention.

It is a colloquialism often used in my circle of family and friends, highlighting how a person who possesses a certain trait can easily identify others who possess the same trait. A real and authentic person can recognize other people who are real and authentic.

The “3R Report” will follow this theme: it will always include information from real and authentic sources whose credibility has been verified. Terms are decreasing every day. They won’t always be long and they won’t always contain big news, but they will always be real.

The focus of today’s second “3R Report” is the update on the objectives of the transfer portal.I’ll start first with the deluge of questions I’ve received about Texas A&M defensive lineman Walter Nolen.

Michigan was a key player in recruiting the former five-star standout, leaving many to wonder if the Wolverines would be players again now that he has entered the portal.

In the last few days I have been in contact with the father of the talented young man and as of this afternoon he said: “we still have no news from Big Blue”. He said there would definitely be interest if Harbaugh and his company got in touch.

As it stands, the Nolens have heard the who’s who of college football, with several programs (namely Oregon) coming out of the gate strong. The elder Nolen said his son hasn’t shared a best-of list yet and is very open about it.

He also said that he was looking for “a place where he will not go for 6-6 years” and “will play with other dogs”. I’ll keep an ear out to see if UM is entering the fray.

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