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My latest disappointment concerns Norwich City FC

Upload your audio articleIn his weekly Turnstone column, John Maiden talks about railway stations and the money being spent on a new road.

You can’t join the Over Eighties Club without learning how to best deal with disappointment wherever and whenever it occurs.

Being a lifelong Norwich City fan helps too! And strangely there is a connection between Norwich and my latest disappointment.

Hunstanton Railway Station in ColourTo put it bluntly, but without resorting to the colorful language allegedly used by Dominic Cummings, I felt “gutted” to discover that central government had agreed to contribute 85% of the £274 million, which is the latest estimate for the construction of fewer than four buildings. miles of dual carriageway, linking the A47 to what some called the Northern Distributor Road.

For the rest of us it was most likely seen as a road with too many roundabouts but not enough trees!Before anyone gets excited enough to send an email pointing out that this article should be about my hometown and not all of Norfolk County, I want to point out the connection.

Hunstanton Station “in the good old days”In days gone by, Hunstanton residents could travel to Norwich by train without passing through Ely and without having to travel by bus or car until they arrived at the charming 1950s-style Lynn station. Until in 1969 we had something similar here in Hunstanton!

As I checked my facts before sitting down to write these words, my hopes were momentarily awakened when I read that the ‘CCN’ was building a significant part of the double track West Link rail line. For a split second I held my breath, then I realized that the NCC was not Norfolk County Council.

It was actually the “Network Cybernetics Corporation” and the site was in the center of Gothenburg, not on the outskirts of Norwich! I always knew that it was more appropriate to be stronger together when it came to opposing Brexit than when it came to opposing Scottish independence!

Okay, it’s taking me longer than I would have liked to get over the disappointment of Brexit – but that’s because I’m very worried about the future of my children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren – children after watching the Covid survey on television.

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