SAD NEWS: Key player would be WR1 at Michigan next year

Donaven McCulley would be WR1 at Michigan next year

Michigan is keeping an eye on Donaven McCulley’s move to Indiana.

After he logged into the transfer portal, wide receiver Donaven McCulley of Indiana was quickly involved with Michigan.

The 6-5, 200-pound player arrived through the portal on Nov. 28, and the Wolverines made an offer in less than a week.

It’s hardly shocking that UM became involved. There are some openings at the top of the depth chart now that Cornelius Johnson and Roman Wilson are sidelined, and McCully would most likely take one of those spots if he decided to play for the Wolverines.

Prior to the 2022 season, McCully, an Indiana native, switched to wide receiver full-time from dual-threat quarterback.

He caught 64 passes for 844 yards and seven touchdowns over the course of the previous two seasons; the bulk of that output is expected in 2023.

For this reason, Michigan and at least seven other universities—including UCLA—decided to take part, along with Penn State, Nebraska, and South Carolina.

With tight end AJ Barner and backup quarterback Jack Tuttle both already on the team, Michigan has a lot more at stake than those other teams.

Regarding his experience moving to Michigan, McCulley’s former teammate and fellow pass catcher had the following to say.”Don’t come here if you’re looking for something simple and free,” Barner advised.”

Nonetheless, this is the right place for you if you’re a tough kid who wants to play football at the next level and win a lot of games.

McCulley has two outstanding former teammates to ask him questions about Michigan and determine if this is the right place for him.

Although the video below is from McCulley’s high school days as a four-star dual-threat quarterback, it’s still a good example of his overall athleticism. It is obviously a little out of date.

He is obviously very large, and the video demonstrates both his smoothness and his potential for danger once he makes a catch.

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