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Arsenal to make David Moyes look silly as Mikel Arteta eyes striker West Ham had on a plate for just £17m

Arsenal could make David Moyes look silly as Mikel Arteta eyes a striker West Ham had on a plate for just £17m.

They say hindsight is a wonderful thing, but for West Ham they had plenty of foresight to sign the perfect David Moyes striker and he didn’t take it

Arsenal might be about to make the Hammers boss very sorry.With Michail Antonio approaching his 34th birthday and Gianluca Scamacca being traded after just one season, it was obvious that West Ham needed to add a striker during the summer transfer window.

If Arsenal wished to make a real run at winning the title and qualifying for the Champions League, the same thing was said about them.

However, neither Moyes nor his previous trainee Mikel Arteta introduced a fresh, legitimate striker. And both are now said to be looking to sign one again.

Numerous targets have been connected to the Gunners and Hammers.

But as Arteta eyes a striker West Ham had on a platter for just £17 million, Arsenal is about to make Moyes look foolish.

The manager of the Hammers may soon get a heartfelt apology from Arsenal.

Given that Gianluca Scamacca was traded after just one season and that Michail Antonio was getting close to turning thirty-four, it was clear that West Ham needed to add a striker in the summer transfer window.

The same was said about Arsenal if they wanted to actually challenge for the title and earn a spot in the Champions League.

According to reports, Arsenal would be certain to acquire the Swede for a lower price than that substantial release clause.

With just 15 games played, Gyokeres has already scored 11 goals and provided five assists, making him an instant favorite at Sporting.

If the Gunners sign a player that Moyes had on a silver platter, West Ham supporters will be incensed.

West Ham United v Arsenal FC - Premier League

The West Ham boss spent a lot of time – perhaps too much – doing his homework on the all-action

Going forward, The Sun reported that the Scot had personally attended a number of Coventry games the previous season in order to assess Gyokeres in advance of a summer transfer.

Additionally, it was reported by a number of journalists who cited club insiders that Gyokeres was among West Ham’s primary targets.

It was obvious why. Strong, talented, and hardworking, the 25-year-old concluded the previous campaign with 50 games played for Coventry, 22 goals, and 12 assists.

Moyes may now come to regret his decision regarding the forward if Arsenal wins. As Man City did with Julian Alvarez, whom the Scottish player acknowledged he passed over for a mere £14 million.

The only bright spot for West Ham is that Arsenal is reportedly willing to sell longtime target Eddie Nektiah in January in order to raise money for FFP.



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