Raiders has won the race to land 22-years-old QB for record breaking fee

The Las Vegas Raiders are extremely unlikely to have a top-five draft pick unless there is a significant shift in the draft order before the season ends. With their current ranking of No. 11, the team is unable to select either Drake Maye or Caleb Williams of USC.

This implies that the Raiders will need to consider the second wave of prospects if they are in the market for a quarterback. Adam Hill of the Las Vegas Review-Journal thinks that Jayden Daniels, the quarterback for LSU, might go number eleven.

In a mock draft published on December 1, Hill stated, “It’s time for the Raiders to use a high draft pick on a quarterback, and Daniels is the kind of player who should get fans excited about the future.” “With 3,812 yards passing, 40 touchdowns, four interceptions, and an additional 1,134 yards and ten scores on the ground, his talent has been evidently demonstrated.” If LSU had advanced to the Southeastern Conference championship game, he most likely would have won the Heisman Trophy with ease. While Daniels adjusts, Aidan O’Connell has demonstrated that he might be a good backup and even maintain the starting position. While they rebuild over the next few years, the Raiders might have a strong tandem.

Jayden Daniels Having Record-Breaking Season

This year, one of the quarterbacks with the biggest risers is Jayden Daniels. The highest passing efficiency rating in NCAA history is 208.0. It’s even higher than Joe Burrow’s 202.0 ranking from LSU in 2019, the year before he was selected first overall.

Daniels is not only developing into a superb passer, but he also poses a serious threat in the run game. This season, he has rushed for 1,134 yards and 10 touchdowns. He’s the exact kind of player teams are searching for as the NFL begins to produce more mobile quarterbacks.

There’s a reason why Daniels isn’t being discussed as the top pick right now. He’s not a prospect not to be missed. His arm isn’t the longest, and his mechanics aren’t always precise. He is also frequently struck. For him to become an NFL quarterback, he will require some work. But as he improves as a passer, his natural athleticism makes him a valuable player.Although Lamar Jackson wasn’t a particularly good passer when he entered the NFL, he has since made significant progress and is now just as deadly when throwing as when running.

Jayden Daniels Has Ties to Antonio Pierce

Watch out for Jayden Daniels if the Raiders decide to elevate interim head coach Antonio Pierce to a full-time position. From 2019 to 2021, Pierce served as Arizona State’s coach while Daniels remained there.

Pierce was involved in recruiting while serving as the defensive team’s coach, so he should be well-versed in Daniels’ style of play. The coach will benefit greatly from his familiarity with the inexperienced quarterback.

However, Daniels might still be on the Raiders’ radar even if they choose not to keep Pierce as head coach.Daniels has far greater potential at quarterback than Aidan O’Connell, who is probably not the long-term solution.

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