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Desperate to join : Journalist reveals £60m striker desire to play for Tottenham

Ivan Toney has been the talk of the transfer window over the past six months.

The striker for Brentford is reportedly being pursued by a number of elite Premier League teams, including Chelsea and Arsenal.

On The Spurs Show Podcast, Martin Lipton stated that Toney had previously expressed a strong desire to relocate to Tottenham.

In fact, Lipton revealed on the podcast that he is positive that, eighteen months ago, when Manchester United genuinely believed they had a chance to sign Harry Kane, Toney was desperate to join Spurs.

Ivan Toney was desperate to join Tottenham

Lipton revealed his knowledge of the £60 million man.

“I am positive that eighteen months ago, when United believed they would acquire Kane, Toney was adamant about joining Spurs, and his agent was exerting a great deal of pressure,” Lipton stated.

Ivan Toney would still be a good signing

Toney seemed very much open to a move to Spurs based on what I’ve heard, so maybe Tottenham should give this one another look.

As good as Spurs have been this year, Toney might be the ideal replacement for Harry Kane as the team still lacks a true number one.

The striker for Brentford is very clinical in front of goal, and he will be eager to join a major league team as his contract is about to expire.

Naturally, competition from teams like Arsenal and Chelsea makes things challenging here, but Tottenham has demonstrated its strength in the transfer market in the past.

This may well be one to keep an eye on as it sounds as though Toney would be up for a move to Tottenham if the opportunity presents itself.


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