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Chargers news: Khalil outburst over Chargers current run

It seems that Khalil Mack, along with most of the players, is tired of what the Los Angeles Chargers have been doing lately. The Bolts may not make the playoffs after losing their last three games.

Mack has been one of the Chargers’ few bright spots during a very disappointing season. With 13.0 sacks so far this season, the Mack Attack is only half as many as T.J. Watt of the Steelers and Danielle Hunter of the Vikings. He just wants to see his team succeed; he is not interested in setting records.

Mack said something about his upcoming opportunity to record the most sacks of his career, according to Daniel Popper of The Athletic. In spite of that enormous achievement, Mack said he just wanted to be a member of a winning group.

The Chargers’ record stands at 4-7, and aside from Mack being a nightmare for opposing quarterbacks, the defense has not performed up to par. Head coach Brandon Staley bears a large portion of the blame because he still basks in his reputation as a defensive-minded coach.

The Bolts’ defense is pretty pitiful, but Staley recently lost his cool with a reporter who asked if he would continue calling plays. Staley insisted that he would call defensive plays rather than considering all of his options.

Nobody seems to be blaming Khalil Mack despite his obvious upset. Throughout the season, his team has found creative ways to lose by a score of just one point, and he has been a bright spot on the team.

Mack’s future is still bright, but we don’t know how the Chargers will look at the end of the current campaign. It’s likely that Staley will be let go, but Mack might not want to stay on the team in the future.



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