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‘Very Sorry’ – West Ham ace on int’L duty reacts to manager news he’s been told in past 24 hrs

West Ham midfielder Tomas Soucek was “very sorry” to hear the news that Jaroslav Silhavy is resigning as Czech Republic head coach.

After Monday’s 3-0 victory over Moldova, in the dressing room, Silhavy gave the players his choice.

The Czechs’ triumph guaranteed them a spot in the European Championship finals for the eighth time in a row, but Silhavy won’t be leading them at Euro 2024.

According to iDNES.cz [21 November], Soucek said the following following the game: “He announced it to us in the dressing room and it knocked us out of the celebrations.” We apologized deeply.

It was a great time, and he was always helpful to the guys. I want to wish him all the best right now.

“I’ve stated time and time again that I support each and every player and coach here because they performed well.”

Uncertain future

Wearing a head bandage due to the facial injury he suffered against Poland last week, Soucek scored his team’s third goal in the easy victory over Moldova.

This implies that the West Ham player, who is still said to be joining Inter Milan, will now spend up to one month in Germany during the summer.

The unexpected resignation of Silhavy coincides with David Moyes, Soucek’s club manager, having an unclear future beyond this season.

Moyes’ contract expires in a little more than six months, and there hasn’t been any sign that negotiations for a new agreement will start anytime soon.

The best news to come out of this contest was that Soucek managed to play a full part, despite the nasty blow to the head he received a few days earlier.

That means he should be ready to go when West Ham resume Premier League action against Burnley on Saturday (25 November).

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