‘Kick him out now’: Pundit blasts Tottenham player over poor performance

Alan Hutton, a pundit and former right-back for Tottenham, thinks Eric Dier, a defender for Tottenham, could be a terrific addition to Bayern Munich and a win-win deal for all parties.

Since Ange Postecoglou acquired Micky van de Ven in the summer, the England defender has slipped in the hierarchy. He and Romero together make up one of the league’s greatest center-back combinations.

Dier did not play for Spurs until two weeks ago, when Romero’s dismissal against Chelsea forced him to start in place of Brennan Johnson after the Australian failed to convince the team.

Spurs lost both of their subsequent games after he started the match against Wolves, which ended in a 2-1 loss. Jamie O’Hara attributed Dier’s two goals given up in that match.

According to recent rumors, Levy would prefer to get rid of the 29-year-old in January to get paid rather than take the chance of losing him to a free transfer in the summer.

Furthermore, Dier may decide to stay with Bayern Munich despite the initial suggestion that he would prefer to stay until the end of the season and depart on a free agent to keep his options open.

Dier has been linked to a move to the German powerhouses and has been connected again in the last few weeks.

Hutton also thinks that Tuchel’s team would benefit from his presence because of Bayern’s possession-based style of play.

Regarding Bayern’s curiosity in the defense, Hutton responded as follows to Football Insider:

To be completely honest, I believe Tottenham will prefer to bring in a different player.

“Who do you have there who will enter with van de Ven and Romero present?

Many of the guys have been there for a while, but things haven’t completely worked out. Considering the past several weeks, one would assume Dier’s nine-year tenure at Tottenham is coming to an end.

Would he be up for it? Presumably. There is a team you’re going to play against where you have a good chance of winning.

He can play out from the back, handle the ball well, and have a lot of possession, so he’ll definitely give it some thought. In the end, I believe it’s time for him to find something new. Ange Postecoglou will obviously want to sign his own players.

A January transfer would benefit both Spurs and the player, if the Bayern rumors are accurate.

Dier would not mind joining a team that would undoubtedly win a title this season and getting back together with his old friend Harry Kane, but Levy wants to cash in on him.

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