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.David Moyes takes back-handed dig at West Ham fans at London Stadium – view

David Moyes takes back-handed dig at West Ham fans at London Stadium – view


In 2016, West Ham relocated from Upton Park to the London Stadium, where David Moyes is presently serving his second stint as manager.Even though the London Stadium has occasionally bounced, the Hammers have never really made it their home.

For West Ham supporters, I believe the most important thing is to stop equating London Stadium with Upton Park. It’s a whole different ballpark, and we need to work hard to turn it into a stronghold.

On match days, the stadium is far too frequently pitch-still, and this has to stop. I think Moyes mentioned that last night at his press conference.

David Moyes takes back-handed dig at West Ham fans at London Stadium – view

Following our disastrous 2-1 Europa League loss to Olympiacos last night, the Scot spoke to the media.

And according to WHUFC.com, Moyes expressed how pleased he was with the ambiance at The Georgios Karaiskakis Stadium:

“This crowd was incredibly strong, so anyone interested in seeing what supporters could do to get results should come check it out.” I genuinely believe that the audience tonight was very influential.

That sounds to me like David Moyes is criticizing the atmosphere that the West Ham fans create inside the London Stadium. Maybe I’m being too pessimistic.

To be fair, he does have a point. During the home games, each of us needs to put in more effort. I will qualify that, though, by saying that Moyes and the players have a responsibility to create a more appealing playing style that we can support.

The essential idea, I suppose, is that everyone is involved. It will be up to David Moyes, the players, and the supporters to make the London Stadium our permanent home for West Ham.


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