Spurs boss Ange Postecoglou makes bold statement ahead of Chelsea game

Spurs boss Ange Postecoglou knows money is not everything ahead of Chelsea game

“Look, you have a fairly good case if everything goes according to plan, but every squad has its limitations. There can’t be twenty-four elite players. That has been shown to not work and will never work.


“It’s about having a balanced team, players who are dedicated to the team’s goals, players who may not start every game but who will nevertheless have a significant impact on the team each time they play because they believe in the vision you have for the team.

It has been repeatedly demonstrated that purchasing the top players with limitless funds is not the solution. Finding the correct balance within your squad and team to have 24 players dedicated is the solution.

After three years at Aston Villa, where he oversaw the signing of players like Emi Martinez, Matty Cash, and Ollie Watkins, a significant portion of Lange’s attention away from the pitch will be on getting ready for the January transfer window at Spurs.

On October 9, Tottenham announced that Lange would be arriving. Rob Mackenzie would accompany Lange to north London.

Mackenzie, who oversaw Villa’s hiring under Lange and served as head of player identification at Spurs early in Pochettino’s tenure, will take over as top scout in N17.

The chief football officer Scott Munn and the former Villa duo are in place, and the current Premier League leaders appear well-positioned for a successful January transfer window where a versatile attacker and a center-back will be priority positions.

“I’ve managed to catch up with Johan,” Postecoglou said.

Not very formal. My attention span isn’t long enough for lengthy sessions, so we usually just have informal conversations. If I have anything to say, this is the best way to say it.

The fact that he is now inside the building and mingling with the appropriate people is a plus. The easy part is the part with me. To ensure he receives the department, the processes and structures must be put in place.

“Rob’s arrival will aid in that. It’s crucial that they arrive right away. Like any club, ours is a key window in January.

“In my opinion, it is definitely more beneficial to complete your tasks early in the timeframe for the January one.

“That’s sometimes beyond your control, so it’s beneficial to have him involved. We will undoubtedly have numerous conversations in the interim, and I am forward to collaborate with him.

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