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TRENDING: Odin Holm’s Thursday night social media message

Odin Holm made the most of his cameo appearance on Wednesday night, coming from the bench to set up the Celtic winner seven minutes from time.

Oh received a wonderful pass from the Norwegian midfielder, who took one touch before smashing the ball home from inside the area.

In addition, Odin gave the Celtic performance a lot of energy and, working with fellow subs Yang and Oh, really picked up the pace when it was needed.

A full day after the game, Odin took to social media to congratulate his Celtic teammate Oh on scoring the goal and to share his own joy at receiving his first assist for the Hoops.

With Reo Hattate sidelined until the new year, there’s a spot available on the Celtics team.

Turnbull, Holm, Bernardo, and Iwata can all play the position, but in the upcoming weeks, who will Rogers favor?

Holm has given Celtic manager something to ponder. Who Brendan chooses to start against Atletico Madrid will be fascinating to watch.

In order to pull off a surprise, the boys must perform well in Spain and must bring their best. Might Holm be the one to lend a hand? The center midfielder was sent off on his Champions League debut against Feyenoord that evening in Rotterdam. Is he going to eat to make amends?



Simon Donnelly believes that ‘phenomenal’ 25-year-old player can do things that no other Celtic player can

There is no doubt that Celtic have a phenomenal array of talent at their disposal. Debates will rage whether or not that talent is good enough to make it at the club but what can’t be denied is that every fringe player at the club would walk into any team in the SPFL.

And Rangers are part of it, too. This week, Brendan Rodgers made a point of going on record as declaring that the squad needs to be cut and that quality needs to be brought in.

And while this is fantastic news for Celtic supporters, it will require a very special talent to attempt and compete with Japanese midfielder Reo Hatate whenever he returns to full fitness.

Imagine how difficult it will be to get someone in to challenge Hatate, as former Celtic great Simon Donnelly feels that the team does not have a player who can accomplish the same things that Hatate does.

“I think there’s nobody at the club that can do,” Donnelly remarked in reference to Clyde SSB. “O’Riley’s in great form and he’s a wonderful player, but there are things that Hatate can do that I don’t think the other midfielders can do.”

Reo Hatate

Hatate is a truly unique player.This season, the Japanese midfielder hasn’t played at his very best, but there were indications that he was improving before he sustained an injury.

He has amazing vision and a remarkable passing range. His movement in the midfield and work rate are excellent. He is really that good. Donnelly thinks the midfielder for Celtic is a “genius.”


While the Celtic supporters will be eager to see him play again, they will also be curious to see what the fringe players can muster.

Despite the sadness of losing Hatate, there is real anticipation to see what new leadership roles Holm, Bernardo, Iwata, and Turnbull can take on.

Simon Donnelly believes that ‘phenomenal’ 25-year-old player can do things that no other Celtic player can

Celtic’s win over St Mirren was not pretty to watch. Overall, Brendan Rodgers’ side dominated possession and were well worthy of their win but it was frustrating to watch them struggle to break the Paisley side down.

And you would have thought that David Turnbull, a 24-year-old midfielder, would have been thrilled with the goal when they finally got the breakthrough from a piled river.

Turnbull stuck his fingers in his ears, looked toward the stands, and seemed to be waving to the Parkhead crowd as soon as the ball hit the back of the net. Watch it on Celtic YouTube after 20 seconds.

Did David Turnbull really take aim at the Celtic fans?


It appeared to be, at least. Turnbull’s problem is that he usually has a subdued celebration of his goals.

When he gets behind the net, he’s never been one to do anything overly complicated or showy. However, the gesture of the fingers in the ears is unlike anything I have ever seen him do.

His celebration lacked any feeling. What was the reason behind his lack of smile when his teammates came to congratulate him?

Perhaps the Scotland international is upset about the criticism he’s been getting for his team’s performances.

Or is he simply becoming weary of people speculating about his future and whether he will be good enough to play for Celtic going forward?

Perhaps Turnbull is just venting about how his season is going, as he has just over six months left on his contract and there is no indication that one will be offered.

Having said that, I did support him in favor of a player who could replace Reo Hatate and contribute to Celtic. All he needs to do is be more reliable.

Whatever the reason behind it, I hope it’s behind him now because Celtic needs all of its players to be focused if they hope to win any of the two big games against Atletico Madrid and Ross County.


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