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West Ham fans had perfect response to what Arsenal chanted at them about Rice

When Arsenal supporters yelled at West Ham United supporters regarding Declan Rice, the supporters had the ideal response.

Few would have predicted that after West Ham comfortably defeated Arsenal 3-1 to move on to the Carabao Cup quarterfinals.

The Hammers were coming off three straight losses going into their game against the Gunners.

Declan Rice made his first appearance since leaving West Ham for Arsenal in the summer, and it was evident that the team needed to perform far better.

West Ham fans had perfect response to what Arsenal supporters chanted at them about Declan Rice

Before and during the game, a lot of attention was focused on how Rice would be received by the supporters who once adored him.

When he entered the field as an Arsenal substitute in the second half, applause was expected to drown out the jeers, as reported by Hammers News.

And it turned out that way, as West Ham supporters began jeering him at every move, following a long-standing tradition.

It appears that the traveling Arsenal supporters were eager to make fun of the Hammers for having a former captain.

West Ham supporters, however, had the ideal rejoinder to what Arsenal supporters were chanting about Rice.

Arsenal fans left with their tails between their legs

‘He left cos’ you’re s—, he left cos’ you’re s—, Declan Rice, he left cos’ you’re s—‘ the Arsenal supporters sang loud and proud at the London Stadium.

West Ham fans are famed for their quick-wittedness, though. And they didn’t disappoint.

The home fans universally responded with ‘Champions of Europe, we know what we are’.

And as West Ham strode into a 3-0 lead, the home faithful had a few more up their sleeve – ‘You should have signed for a big club’ and ‘Declan, what’s the score, Declan, Declan what’s the score’.

It’s fair to say the Arsenal fans left the London Stadium – many long before the final whistle – with their tails between their legs.

As they did West Ham fans had one last dig – ‘We can see you sneaking out’.


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