‘A good captain ” – Bissouma names the Spurs player he thinks will be the future captain

Yves Bissouma, a midfielder for Tottenham, has selected his colleague he believes will be the team’s future captain.

Under Ange Postecoglou, the Mali international has appeared to be a totally different player from the one that struggled in his debut season at Spurs under Antonio Conte.

He has been one of the league’s top midfielders as well as one of Tottenham’s best players.

Simply said, he hasn’t contributed significantly to Tottenham’s amazing season opening run.

Another is James Maddison, who spent £40 million to sign with them from Leicester in the summer. With three goals and five assists in his first ten games, he has established himself as the league’s greatest summer acquisition thus far.

Not only has his on-field success contributed to the club’s incredibly happy atmosphere, but so have his leadership abilities off the field and on it, along with his amiable demeanor.

And Bissouma was full of praise for the 26-year-old. The 26-year-old, in his opinion, possesses all the necessary skills to succeed him as Tottenham’s captain.

Addressing Kick Game, he stated:

He’s a really decent man and a good guy. He constantly tries to find out what’s going on and to see how everyone is doing. Though I adore him as a player, I also believe he has the potential to be a great captain in the future.

Ange appointed him vice captain for a reason. Every week, he demonstrates his leadership abilities, and there’s no doubt that he’ll captain the Spurs in the future.


The Spurs star admits, “I can’t train every day; training is very intense.”

Tottenham Hotspur center defender Even though Emerson Royal enjoys being active every day, he has admitted that the intensive training at the club makes it impossible for him to train at home all the time.

After a loan, the 24-year-old Royal permanently moved to the north London team from Barcelona in 2021. He has since appeared in 64 league games.

With seven appearances this season, the Brazilian star has mostly served as a substitute for Spurs manager Ange Postecoglou.

The defender shared how he maintains a daily schedule for his physical conditioning, which includes practicing at home, since he wants to be sure he is fit and ready to play when called upon.

But Royal made it clear that he must take a few days off from his home training because the club’s program is so demanding.

“I go to the training center when I wake up, where I train and eat,” Royal said to the Brazilian publication Esportes.

Following my night out at the club, I also attend to physical treatment.

“I certainly can’t exercise every day because the training at the club is so intensive, but there are days when I train at home.

“I try to train at home and work on the grass with the people who work with me on my days off.”

With Tottenham leading the Premier League right now, Royal hopes to have a big impact on his team’s success this year as they aim to make a run at the top four.

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