Ange Postecoglou outlines Manor Solomon conversation as he makes Tottenham vow

Prior to Tottenham’s match against Fulham, Ange Postecoglou was questioned about the Israel-Hamas crisis and whether he had spoken to Manor Solomon considering the circumstances in the winger’s own country.

Ange Postecoglou is hoping that Monday’s match between Tottenham and Fulham will provide at least 90 minutes of solace for those who are currently suffering from the Israel-Hamas war. Due to Tottenham Hotspur’s close ties to the Jewish community, the recent events have had a profound effect on many individuals connected to the football team.

After a two-week break for the second international break of the season, Postecoglou will resume Premier League play on Monday. He is aware of the important part he and his players must play in bringing fans delight. He acknowledges that considering what is occurring in Israel right now, it is definitely not business as usual, but he is aware of the power of football and what it can do for people.

“Well, it’s not business as usual,” the 58-year-old stated. “We do not view our role in that way. As I have stated, it is our responsibility to give our fans what they know they want from their football team. There will be 60,000 people there on Monday night—and millions more all around the world—who just want to watch their football team play some thrilling football, win a game, and provide them the joy that only football can.

“Because, you know, you don’t care who is next to you when you score in the final seconds to win a football game. Do you? You don’t give a damn about their background, opinions, or religious convictions. For that brief period, you are one.

The game of football offers that. It can offer. And I believe that is what we should be doing. No matter what the current situation, what it might be next week, or in weeks to come, it is always our responsibility. Even if I may not be using the proper terminology, football serves as a form of escape for many people during these trying times, giving them some solace and a sense of belonging. That’s always our role as a football club.”

I’ve always thought that I’m not a custodian of any football club, he said when asked how he interprets the events of the past two weeks. I am a human being and I struggle with these things, and you understand that other people will deal with these things as well. I have the obligation of being a football manager like everyone else.

“I’ve learned from my experiences in life not to pass judgment or draw any firm conclusions. In situations like this, I’ll let the impacted parties serve as my guides. Because it’s quite simple for others to pass judgment, you are guided in all of these matters by those who are actually affected. And all I can do as the football manager of our football team is try to offer assistance, counsel, and direction to anyone who needs it in the best way a football team and I can.

“Again, I’ve always believed that the greatest role I can play in football – in sport generally, and especially football – is just that. It may sound inconsequential at times, but it is, and it can be a type of escapism. Ninety, ninety-five minutes where you may remove people who are struggling with whatever stage of life they are in just temporarily, while they wait for the time when you know you’re nearby supporting their football team.

“And perhaps within that framework, we might offer some small consolation, pleasure, or even delight that distracts them from whatever they’re going through. But yes, I have gone there.

Because there are things I do know about, like my own sort of background, I don’t try to sort of insert myself into these things. Additionally, I can speak passionately about those kinds of issues since I am familiar with what it is like to be an immigrant. However, no one in my family has ever fought in a war. Therefore, I have no right to judge it.

With the addition of Manor Solomon in the summer, Tottenham now has the sole Israeli player in the Premier League. Postecoglou has acknowledged that he has spoken to the winger, though not specifically about the current situation in Israel. The winger is currently going through an extremely difficult time due to what is happening in his home country as well as the fact that he has just undergone knee surgery and faces between three and four months on the sidelines.

“Not particularly. I spoke with Manor. because he is juggling several issues. He recently underwent surgery as well. When asked about speaking with Solomon, Postecoglou said, “I have been assisting him through that process.

Once more, it’s not about me attempting to get information out of him. I am present. He is experiencing what he is experiencing, just like many other people in his situation. I hope we can help him if he feels like there’s an area here where he needs some further support or direction. I’m not really certain where that area is. He and his current location will decide that. However, I spoke with him a few days ago.

“Like I stated, it also involves…I mentioned having a balance in life to him a couple of weeks ago, but aside from that problem with his own injury, he’s currently dealing with a few other issues. The good news is that he has a really optimistic outlook on the procedure and how it has gone thus far. He also has a strong desire to rejoin the team.

When questioned about his role as head coach and whether he looks for players who might be affected by something or waits for them to come to him, Postecoglou acknowledged that what he always tries to do is create a space where players and other staff members feel at ease and can get advice, guidance, or whatever is needed.

“Yeah, it’s a little of everything; it’s a little of everything. Postecoglou acknowledged, “But once again, you know, we all know in our life and when we have difficult moments, sometimes we just need different things from various individuals.

“I definitely don’t aim to go over that line. I attempt to create a comfortable environment for the gamers here, and I hope to succeed in doing so. Anyone involved with the area for which I’m sort of accountable, whether they be staff or players. If they enter, they will find all they require there. It’s okay if all that is provided is counsel, advise, or a shoulder.

“I have concern for all of my staff and players. Every day, I make sure to greet each and every one of them. I hope I’ll provide them with the appropriate environment if they need to sort of say something to me. Or if I think I can offer something that will be helpful. I will. Again, though, a lot of that depends on following the people’s lead rather than on me sort of attempting to chime in.

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