Revealed: Mauricio Pochettino ‘i still have one big regret about Tottenham’

Mauricio Pochettino’s departure from Tottenham still doesn’t feel entirely right nearly four years later.

Just a few months after leading Spurs to the Champions League final, the Argentine manager was fired, and he left the club with a lot of unfinished business.

It feels like Pochettino’s narrative at Spurs isn’t quite over yet, and according to The Independent, he does have one regret from his time there. This is why Pochettino was so strongly connected with a return to Tottenham this summer.

People close to Pochettino, according to The Independent, claim that he still views the 2017 transfer window as a true turning moment for Tottenham, with the Argentine manager thinking that was the time to restructure his team with fresh additions a la Alex Ferguson at Manchester United.

We all know, though, that Spurs didn’t quite give Pochettino the support he need that summer.

Other from the acquisition of Davinson Sanchez for a then-club record price, the summer transfer window was fairly underwhelming.

Although Spurs were still somewhat on an upward track at the moment, you might argue that they really got worse that year after losing Kyle Walker that summer, sowing the seeds for a later downturn.

Sadly, Spurs had to restrict their expenditure at that time since they were in the middle of spending a fortune building their new stadium. However, if they had had a little more money at their disposal, Pochettino would have been able to assist the north London side in winning a significant trophy.

Pochettino still harbors resentments for his time spent at Tottenham, and we can only speculate that this sentiment is shared by other Spurs supporters.

At the time, Spurs were so close to success but still so far from it. With a little more support, Pochettino might have accomplished something monumental at Tottenham.


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