‘Everyone betted against him’: Kiwis react to All Blacks’ semifinal demolition job  

Superlatives like “clinical,” “brutal,” “skillful,” “incredible,” and “spectacular” are being used by Kiwis to characterize the All Blacks’ semifinal thrashing of Argentina.

The All Blacks defeated Los Pumas in Paris with a convincing 44-6 victory, putting them on the verge of capturing their fourth Rugby World Cup overall.

Fans all throughout the country had concerns the team would even make the semifinals after a significant downturn in form a year before the World Cup, and Ian Foster came dangerously close to being fired as the coach.

In Paris, the future, Kiwis are suddenly dare to dream. We examine the nation’s response to the All Blacks’ 38-point triumph.

“Incredible, showed the experts wrong” – Christopher Luxon, newly-elected prime minister

Christopher Luxon, who will be the next prime minister of New Zealand, was rooting for the team from his couch at home.

He posted on social media to boost their performance and offer encouragement as they approach the last obstacle.

“What a team, the All Blacks! They’ve been outstanding this competition, competing fiercely when it mattered and disproving the critics to advance to rugby’s pinnacle event, the Rugby World Cup final. There is one more hill to climb. Go, All Blacks! he penned.

‘Superb’ – Efeso Collins, candidate for the Green Party

“One more game to the Rugby World Cup, yeehaa great All Blacks semi-final!”

‘Everyone betted against him’: Israel Dagg on Foster taking ABs to RWC final

Former All Blacks flyer Israel Dagg jumped to Ian Foster’s defense after the coach’s job was on the line just months before the World Cup in France thanks to the All Blacks’ convincing victory over Argentina.

Many fans lacked confidence in the All Blacks’ chances of reaching the final because of the pressure the public put on Foster.

Speaking on Sky Sport, Dagg said Foster is a fighter who deserves support from the public for his World Cup accomplishments.

Nobody in New Zealand, in my opinion, anticipated that we would be competing in a World Cup final. Let’s face it, many individuals have doubts about what has happened and may still have them. Mixed selection, mixed results, and questions about our level of competence. We are now entering a World Cup final.

“Fozzy [Ian Foster] is going to be happy. The odds are all against him. He has remained true to himself and what he stands for, and he might even go out on top. He is a devoted man.

Former All Black Sir John Kirwan is “clinical.”

Sir John Kirwan, a former All Blacks winger and current coach of the Blues, praised the performance as complete.

The man of the match, Jordie Barrett, was among the important players he singled out.

“I found the All Blacks to be quite calculating. They rose once more. Simply said, I really liked how they conducted themselves.

“Their defense was excellent, holding the opposition to six points. When the Argentinians did launch an attack, Jordie Barrett really put them under pressure and shut them down. I particularly liked the way he made selections when charging out the line.

Will Jordan is in excellent shape. Once again, Mark Tele’a impressed me greatly. You can’t hold onto him because of his amazing hit and spin. When you consider that performance, I believe [they] executed just as they intended. Clinical; bench was on [at the appropriate moment].

Foster is about to become the greatest comeback tale, says Gregor Paul.

According to rugby writer Gregor Paul of the NZ Herald, Ian Foster’s tenure as All Blacks coach may have been the “greatest redemption story in rugby history.”

“Following the efficient yet spectacular destruction of Argentina, all the stragglers who weren’t on the All Blacks bandwagon last week will be frantically trying to join.

“The team that was in disarray 14 months ago after losing the first test against Argentina in New Zealand is now in the World Cup final, and the coach—who even his employer appeared to want to fire—is now 80 minutes away from penning one of the greatest comeback tales in rugby history.

And they got there thanks to a performance that was strong, composed, in control, and occasionally creatively spectacular but also had enough flaws to give the All Blacks reason to believe they still have a lot to work on before the championship game.

True All Blacks idols are Barrett’s parents, according to Twitter

Reactions to the All Blacks’ performance flooded social media. However, a post about the parents of Beauden, Jordie, and Scott Barrett drew the attention of Kiwis.

One cheeky Kiwi claimed the couple had the greatest impact on the All Blacks reaching the World Cup final after uploading a photo of mother Robyn and father Kevin Barrett enthusiastically watching from the stands.

“This duo was a major factor in the All Blacks’ ability to go to the Rugby World Cup Final! Amazing to see three Barrett brothers in the starting XV,” the caption said.

NZ Warriors pay tribute to All Blacks

Who doesn’t enjoy it when both our league and union teams perform well?

The Warriors have participated in the party by expressing their affection for their oval ball-code brethren and their anticipation of yet another World Cup finals matchup on Instagram.

Great game, and thanks to the referee for letting them play rather of constantly blowing the whistle. Thank you, boys,” one said.

Someone another commented: “Congratulations! It’s fantastic to watch the players having a good time while remaining professional and generally well-behaved.

“I’m overjoyed for Ian Foster. He was under a great deal of strain. While some of the criticism was justified, winning the world cup would be a fantastic way for him to leave his position as coach, a third person said.

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